Breast Reconstruction Augmentation Surgery Overview

breast augmentation reconstruction - implant costIf a woman has to undergo mastectomy because of breast cancer or any other health issue, she may need to have the entire breast or both breasts removed surgically. Having a breast or both breasts removed does not only affect your appearance, but brings emotional complications as well as self-esteem issues. Breast reconstruction involves cosmetic surgery to create a new breast or breasts for women who have had mastectomy and want to regain their original physical appearance.  

What does the plastic surgery involve?

Women who reside in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA and have undergone or are about to undergo mastectomy and are thinking about breast reconstruction surgery can consult Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Hisham Seify. This kind of plastic surgery needs to be entrusted to a skilled and reliable plastic surgeon, so make you decision carefully.

For breast reconstruction surgery, the cosmetic surgeon may either use breast implants or your own tissue or a combination of both. In the former scenario, a breast implant is placed under the skin and muscle of your chest area to create the shape of a breast. When reconstruction is done with your own tissue, fat, muscles and skin from another part of your body are utilized to create a new breast.

Alternatively, the breast may be created with the help of an implant as well as fat, skin and muscle from another part of your body. Which reconstruction is the most suitable for you depends on how much breast tissue was removed at the time of mastectomy as well as your preference and your general health. The procedure may cost you around $7,000 to $12,000.

Care after the surgery

Your plastic surgeon will guide you about things to take care of after the surgery. Right after the surgery, you may find your reconstructed breast covered in sterile dressings, which will be removed in a few days. After that you can begin showering normally once the wound heals.

Your new breast might appear larger than your other breast but will become smaller gradually. There might be some pain and discomfort, which is normal after any surgery, and your cosmetic surgeon will prescribe some medication for the same. Avoid scratching if you feel any itching, which is quite likely as the wound heals. After the area heals completely, you should massage the skin of your reconstructed breast, as well as the scars, at least once every day with a cream or body oil.

You will need to take some rest and get back to your normal activities only after a few weeks. Don’t start with strenuous physical tasks right away. You might also need some time before you get back to driving or your job.

Before you opt for this cosmetic surgery, it is very important that you consult more than one plastic surgeon and have every doubt cleared. Discuss all aspects of the surgery in detail and make an informed decision after careful observation. After all, your satisfaction and your self-esteem are extremely important and if having a breast reconstruction surgery can help you gain both, there is no reason why you should shy away from it.

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