Breast Reconstruction May Require Breast Surgery on the Opposite Breast

breast reconstructionBreast Reconstruction is only one decision after a breast cancer diagnosis a woman may have to make. Another one of these decisions could be whether to have surgery on the opposite breast when the breast cancer is only detected in one breast. According to a recent industry article the methodology to surgery on the adverse breast may vary depending on the of breast reconstruction the patient has chosen. For patients with flap  breast reconstruction the opposite breast may be operated on during the second stage of surgery when the flap is revised and the nipple areola reconstructed. For patients with expander implant breast reconstruction the opposite breast can be operated on when the expander is exchanged for the final implant or it may require a separate third surgery.

Breast Reconstruction for Better Shaping

Breast reconstruction can be critical to reshaping the breast. Because implants have a tendency to be round in figuration having an implant placed into the opposite breast may impart better proportion. The nipple areola will then be reconstructed at a later time once the final implant and the opposite breast have anchored and healed. All of these are outpatient procedures and generally do not require drains. The surgical time is moderately short and although patients will require several days to heal patients should be able to revive most normal activities within two weeks. It is important to discuss with the doctor what measures of follow up additional  breast reconstruction care patients will require. After altering the balancing breast it is imperative to maintain screening for cancer.

Breast Reconstruction in Experienced Hands

Breast Reconstruction is not an exact science and years of experience, guide Dr Seify. Dr Seify is committed to helping patients understand the overall value of breast reconstruction surgery, besides just reconstructing the breast after breast cancer. Helping patients to achieve better symmetry by performing either a breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift, or a combination of all three on the opposite breast tissue helps to balance patients breasts and allow greater wardrobe selection. Dr. Seify and his staff help patients obtain the necessary approval through health insurance plans to address the opposite breast at the time of reconstructive surgery if the patient is a candidate. Patients are entitled to insurance coverage at any point that they decide to have additional surgery on the opposite breast. Dr. Seify welcomes patient’s questions concerning the best recommendations following breast reconstruction surgery. ___________________________________ Schedule your Consultation Today! More on Dr.Seify Become a Fan on Facebook Follow us on Twitter   

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