Breast Reconstruction Options Celebrated -BRAVE Day Celebration is Here!!!

Breast Reconstruction Options Celebrated -BRAVE Day Celebration is Here!!!Breast Reconstruction Options are finally being recognized in a celebration. A recent onlinepressrelease announced a much anticipated movement. A huge divide in women’s healthcare has gone unaddressed for far too long.  Although it is required by law that insurance carriers cover breastreconstruction following breast cancer surgery, an unacceptable majority of women are never informed of their breast reconstruction options. In fact, only about 30 percent of patients who undergo a mastectomy receive breast reconstruction.  As a result, an unacceptable and disturbing number of women are being forced to suffer from the physical and emotional effects of cancer, long after the cancer is gone. Plastic Surgeons and Industry Partners have joined forces with breast cancer non-profits to make a proactive effort so that women get the proper information regarding their reconstruction options immediately upon diagnosis.  BRAVE Day (Breast Reconstruction Advocacy Victory Day) is March 21st and is the official national day to emphasize the importance of Breast Reconstruction Rights.

Breast Reconstruction Standing BRAVE and Unashamed

This first event will take place in Vancouver, Washington with the Mayor and many other State officials in attendance.  Mayor Leavitt of Vancouver states, “I continue to be astonished at the tremendous level of giving and support in our community to those who are in need.  The Leadership of the Pink Lemonade Project, based in Vancouver, Washington, recognizes that breast cancer survival is much more than healing of surgery stitches.  I commend Dr. Allen Gabriel and the Board Members of the Pink Lemonade Project for their endeavor to address the healing of mind, body, and spirit through educational support and emotional healing.” Realizing that more could be done, Dr. Allen Gabriel created an educational site, to educate patients of their reconstruction rights.  Dr. Gabriel shares that “not every patient desires to have reconstruction and, of course, not everyone is a candidate to have reconstruction, but it would be nice for them to have an opportunity to know what their rights and options are.”  Dr. Allen Gabriel co-founded BRAVE Day and “wanted a dedicated day to focus on breast reconstruction so that more patients have an increased awareness of their options.  We are very excited about this day and hope to someday increase awareness on a national level.”

Breast Reconstruction at Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

For medical professionals like Dr. Seify who are intimately involved and committed to breast reconstruction options for patient this day is a long time coming. Dr. Seify sees firsthand the devastation a breast cancer diagnosis can cause. Dr. Seify is committed to continually training and learning new and better tolerated methods of breast reconstruction for his patients. He also encourages patients to understand their reconstruction rights under the law and to consider having breastaugmentation combined with breast reconstruction if patients are a candidate due to unilateral mastectomy. Many patients are not aware that this option exist by law through their insurance carrier. At NewportPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates we will continue to do everything in our power to educate patients concerning their reconstructive options. We are thrilled about a day to celebrate the advantages of breast reconstruction. It is our intention to spread the word as far and wide as possible. Brave Day on March 28th will be quite a day and we hope many will join us in the celebration.

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