Breast Reduction and Menopause

Breast reduction may be something some women never thought they would need. According to recent onlineindustryarticle menopause can bring about changes to the breast that are significantly different than what patients may have expected. According to the article a patient, Rosemary told her personal story of the effects menopause had on her breast. Rosemary was experiencing negative side effects as a result of menopause and consulted with her physician, who prescribed estrogen. Within a very short time, Rosemary, who had always considered that she was small framed with double-D breast size, found herself with double-F breasts. She realized she had to do something; she consulted with her physician who suggested surgery.

Breast Reduction A Good Choice

Rosemary, however, procrastinated, because she didn’t like the idea of surgery.  Rosemary finally made the decision to have breast reduction surgery with a board-certified plastic surgeon. She says that it has now been 10 years since her surgery, and she has no visible scarring, and, her breasts still look “perfect.” She found that this decision improved her life dramatically, and she says it was “one of the best decisions” she has made. When women are going through menopause and experiencing vast hormonal shifts it is important to recognize the changes in their physical body and address them if they become a concern.

Breast Reduction A New Lease On Life

Breast reduction ca make a big difference in a patients lifer. Dr. Seify explains to his patients that excessively large breast can cause serious medical problems. The procedure is not always solely cosmetic. Many patients complain of back pain, numbness to the fingers, shoulder pain, neck pain and grooves in the shoulders from bra straps that cut into the skin. Time is of the essence in treating the pain associated with large breast because in some cases some of the nerve damage may be irreversible.  While breast reduction is considered a medical procedure and covered under some insurance plans, patient should be aware of the benefits and prepared to consider breast reduction even when the insurance company denies coverage. Most women who have breast reduction surgery, like Rosemary are extremely thrilled and consider the decision to be one of the best they have ever made. Most patients who have pain no longer have pain after the breast reduction procedure. Dr. Seify is an expert in both reconstructive as well as cosmetic breast surgery, so therefore, patients can expect exceptional results both aesthetically and medically. Women should never suffer in pain from excessively large breast when there is a viable and effective surgical alternative. Patients are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify for a consultation to determine if breast reduction surgery is the right option for them.

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