Breast Reduction for Men; Why Wait Another Summer?

Breast reduction surgery is not something men usually think about.Summer at the beach for most men includes taking their shirt off and enjoying the summer activities. For some men this is an uncomfortable experience and they are more likely to leave on at least a T-shirt rather than expose their chest. For some men they have excessive breast tissue which can be extremely embarrassing. For some men who are overweight the excessive breast tissue adds to the embarrassment of being overweight.

Breast Reduction an Option for Men

For men who are not obese it can be even more embarrassing because the breast appear even larger on their body frame. Dr. Seify consults with these male patients and helps them to understand that their condition can be greatly improved with gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia surgery allows Dr. Seify to remove not only the breast tissue but also the underlying fat that causes the breast to be even more pronounced on the chest. While the procedure is rather straightforward, patient should insist on a qualified ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon performing the procedure. It should never be considered as a simple chest liposuction procedure, because in many cases it liposuction alone is performed patients are often unhappy because the breast tissue remains and the overall look is not improved much.

Breast Reduction Surgery for Men

Typically incisions are limited to the aerial a where the dark pigmentation in light pigmentation meet so therefore scarring over time is barely visible. For most men they are able to return to a desk type position within 3 to 7 days following surgery. Dr. Seify will usually require a compression vest to be worn for approximately 3 weeks following surgery. This allows the skin to read rape so that the appearance is smooth and natural following surgery. The compression garment is fairly thin and can be worn under a regular shirt without being visibly noticeable. Most men are extremely pleased with the results of gynecomastia surgery. For many, once they have had this procedure performed it is the first time that they are in public without a shirt. Breast reduction for men is becoming more popular as men become more aware of the fact that they now have options and do not have to live with the embarrassment of oversized breast.



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