Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery Risks and Safety

Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery Risks and Safety, Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery Risks and SafetyBreast reduction is considered a relatively safe cosmetic surgery procedure. But it does involve a few risks that are commonly associated with any surgery. Anesthesia complications, infection risks, seroma and hematoma, asymmetrical breasts, and uneven nipple height are some of the typical risks in this procedure.

A dedicated surgeon will ensure that the patient is well aware of the potential risks and complications, and is able to make an informed decision about breast reduction. Fantastic, cutting edge, and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify provides breast reduction to patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and surrounding communities.


Infection Risk

Following the breast reduction surgery, if the patient has pronounced redness, acute pain, high fever, green or yellow drainage or foul smell from the incision sites, they should get in touch with the surgeon. If the tissue is infected, the surgeon will clean it and prescribe antibiotics. Infection risks can be minimized if the procedure is performed in a completely sterilized surgical environment.



In a few cases, seroma or fluid accumulation may occur under the incision sites. This can create pronounced swelling. Proper incision care and placement of drainage tubes below the incision sites can significantly reduce this risk. If this condition occurs, the surgeon will drain out the serous fluid using injections or tiny cuts.


Asymmetrical Breasts

Following breast reduction surgery, the patient may sometimes feel that the breasts are asymmetrical. Although minor differences in the size and shape of breasts are normal, and create a more natural appearance, but if the difference is significant, it may require a revision procedure. Patients should choose a fully trained and experienced surgeon for breast reduction plastic surgery in order to minimize the risk of such undesirable outcomes.


Uneven Nipple Height

During the breast reduction surgery, the size and shape of the breasts will change and some of the breast skin will be displaced. Especially in case of substantial breast reduction, the nipples may have to be repositioned to create a natural look. Nipple detachment and grafting to a new position should only be performed by a highly skilled surgeon. They will take care to eliminate the risk of nipple height becoming irregular.


Numbness and Change of Sensation

Following breast reduction, the patient may experience a temporary loss of sensation in the incision sites. The risk increases in the area around the areolas if the nipples have been repositioned. In most cases, the numbness or altered sensation will return to normal over time. But in rare situations, the condition may become permanent.  


Breastfeeding Risks

It may not be possible for a breast reduction patient to breastfeed in the future. The risk of this eventuality will vary according to the type of reduction technique used. In case of anchor pattern incision, the risk is higher because several milk ducts will be removed in this surgery, making it difficult to breastfeed in the future.

But the risk may be somewhat reduced in case of a vertical incision breast reduction. Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify receives patients from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and nearby areas for breast reduction surgery.

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