Breast Revision Surgery; What Should Patients Expect?

breastBreast augmentation surgery is never without risks. Even under ideal circumstances and the most skilled surgical hands complications can arise and breast revision surgery could be necessary. The most common revisions Dr. Seify treats these days are breast augmentation revisions that are secondary surgeries from other surgeons. Dr. Seify welcomes these patients for consultation and surgery with the goal of helping the patient get closer to their desired expectations. Patient should be aware that secondary procedures have a slightly higher risk for complications. Some of the most common reasons patients have secondary breast surgery revision are capsular contracture, breast implants that have not settled into the pocket, or breast implants that have ”fallen” too low.

Breast Revision Surgery Expectations

Dr. Seify explains that in most cases revision surgery will require an exchange of breast implants. Even if the implants are not ruptured, or deflated it is difficult to maintain the integrity of the implant without replacing it. In some cases if the tissues are extremely weak and the likelihood of holding the implant in place is not very good Dr. Seify may recommend strengthening the pocket using additional tissues perhaps from an additional implant or the patient’s own tissues. Dr. Seify is well-regarded for his unique expertise specifically with complex breast surgeries. For breast implants that have not settled into the pocket and are extremely high Dr. Seify may recommend releasing some of the scar tissue in the pocket which would allow the implant or implants to” drop” to where they belong. In this situation it is possible that the existing implants may remain intact and there would not be a need to purchase new implants. Patient should understand that revision surgery especially when performed by another surgeon will incur additional fees.

Breast Revision Surgery  at Newport Plastic Surgery

It is possible that the revision surgery may take longer than the initial surgery. Patients tell Dr. Seify their breast revision surgery allows them to have increased self-esteem and self-confidence that they were unable to fully appreciate after their initial breast augmentation surgery.


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