Breast Revision

Breast Revision Surgery

View Our Specials Revisional breast surgery is relatively common even with proper planning and execution of breast implant surgery. Changes will occur either relatively soon after breast implant surgery, or over time. In these cases patients may consider breast implant revision surgery. The changes could be either implant related or from changes that occur naturally within the breast tissue following childbirth and/or breast-feeding. Dr. Seify’s goal with initial breast implant surgery is to assist patients in achieving their goals by choosing not only the proper implant but also the right breast implant surgical procedure. Most patients seek revision breast surgery due to an implant deflation, a consideration in changing implant size or type, capsular contracture, improper placement of the implant, double bubble deformity, or a combination of any of these issues. For some women a breast augmentation may have been performed alone during the initial surgery, when a better recommendation would have been a breast lift combination. Breast revision candidates can have a number of concerns and issues. Some of the most common conditions include:

  • Loss of saline within the implant
  • an MRI or x-ray shows silicone leakage
  • desire to change cup size of the implant
  • extreme firmness because of scar tissue around the implant(capsular contracture)
  • shift in the breast implant position
  • breast tissue has changed due to weight loss or child birth

Dr. Seify examines the patient during the initial consultation and carefully recommends which surgical procedures will be most beneficial for the patient. It is important to discuss the patient’s desires concerning size, and also desired look following surgery. Dr. Seify explains to patients that secondary revision breast surgery has risks of complications and should not be taken lightly. Skill and expertise are required in order to avoid an outcome that could be less desirable than the initial surgical result.

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