Breast Surgery a Summer Option

breastAs we rapidly approach the summer months many people are thinking of vacations, family barbecues, and new ways to enjoy great weather and quality time with the people we care about the most. Summer also brings about a time when more women are concerned with their body contour and figure because summer wardrobe fashions generally have less material hiding the areas of most concern. So, it is no surprise that this is the time when many women seek to have breast surgery.

Breast Surgery and Summer Months

 Dr. Seify consults with women of  different ages who are concerned about the shape, contour, and size of their breast. The most popular breast surgery is cosmetic breast augmentation. This procedure includes either saline or silicone implants. Dr. Seify is careful to recommend the breast implants that are most compatible with the patient’s desire, body frame, and lifestyle. Summer is a great time for breast augmentation because most patients are able to increase their wardrobe by as much as three times. Most patients are ready for the beach within 3 to 4 weeks after surgery. While Dr. Seify may caution against swimming in the ocean or pool soon after surgery, patients often enjoy sitting by the pool (with sunscreen) within 3 to 4 week time frame following surgery. Patients who require a breast lift combined with breast augmentation to achieve the best aesthetic result should not hesitate to have surgery during the summer months because in most cases adding the breast lift to the breast augmentation procedure does not significantly increase the recovery time.

Breast Surgery A Good Choice For Young Women Too

Patients who have excessively large breast may want to consider breast reduction surgery during the summer months. This may be an excellent option for older teenagers who are not able to participate in exercise programs because of the large and heavy breast. For many women this causes neck pain, back pain, and groups in the shoulder from bra straps that cut into the skin. This is debilitating for women of all ages but especially limiting for teenagers. The summer months are an excellent time to consider breast reduction surgery for older teens as they are out of school and will return to school in the fall completely healed and in most cases ready to participate in sports and other activities. Dr. Seify consults with patients to determine if they are a good candidate for the breast reduction procedure. In some cases the breast reduction may be covered by insurance; however, patients and parents should be prepared to pay out-of-pocket with the knowledge that benefits far outweigh the cost of the investment. Breast surgeries are the most popular surgeries within Dr. Seify his practice and as an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon he is uniquely qualified to deliver excellent results, compassionate care, and exceptional value.




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