Breast Surgery Standard of Care May soon Be Ultrasound Guided

Breast surgery is a complex and ever evolving procedure. In the search for less invasive yet highly effective breast surgery options ultrasound guided surgery recently got a boost from a study conducted in Europe. According to a recent online article the use of ultrasound-guided surgery to remove tumors from women who have palpable breast cancer is much more beneficial than traditional surgery in removing all the cancerous tissue while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible, according to the results of a randomized controlled trial.

Breast Surgery May have Better Results Using Ultrasound

As a result of the study, researchers told the eighth European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-8) today (Friday) they believe that their discovery will revolutionize surgical practice and ultrasound-guided surgery (USS) should become standard for removing palpable tumours i.e. those that can be felt and, at present, are removed “blindly”, without aid from any visual tools to help locate the exact position of the breast tumor. This technology and study is very promising.

Breast Surgery Outcomes Continues To Improve for Patients

Dr. Seify remains informed concerning new techniques and methods for breast surgery. This is important because every patient who has breast surgery may not have cancer; however the tumors may need to be removed. This can leave patients with disfigured breast. In these cases insurance may not cover plastic surgery for the breast if cancer was not present. Dr. Seify helps patients determine the best options for creating better shape and form to the breast. For some patients he may recommend breast augmentation with a breast implant combined with fat grafting. For other patients he may recommend a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation to create better shaping using fat grafting to fill in areas where breast tissue may be missing. These are just two of many variations Dr. Seify could recommend. Patients today have many options after breast surgery. No longer do patients have to accept the aesthetic results after surgical removal of breast tumors. If they desire to improve the overall shape and contour of their breast they now have viable options.  

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