Can Botox Make You Happy?

There’ve been many claims made about Botox and what it can do for patients. Most people are familiar with Botox treating frown lines and facial wrinkles. But, now the claim has been made that it can help ward off depression. According to recent article researchers at the Chevy Chase cosmetic Center in Maryland suggested that a recent annual meeting of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology that warding off depression should be added as a benefit of Botox. The medical director along with his colleagues presented a study that claim to prove treating frown lines and reducing the signs of aging could help patients who are depressed feel happier. The back end of the research is rooted in history. Charles Darwin is linked to the phrase ”grief muscles “which described the muscles that are used we frown. He suggested that when making an unhappy face it is intensely linked to true feelings of sadness. The lead researcher hypothesized that by freezing what are known as “grief muscles” with Botox and preventing people from frowning that it also could reduce the emotion of sadness. The researchers studied 84 people who suffered from severe depression lasting for an average of two years none of whom had success with antidepressant. Some of the participants were given Botox injections who others were injected with a placebo. They were then assessed between three and six weeks later. According to the news source at that particular time just over one fourth of those receiving Botox had researchers reported as a nearly complete remission of their depression. Only 7% of those who had received the placebo reported similar results. Until the study is further reviewed Botox could not be considered an official treatment of depression. Botox is the most popular cosmetic injectable and tends to be more affordable than other rejuvenation procedures including facelift although the results do not last as long. Dr. Seify performs Botox injections on numerous patients routinely. He cautions against patients believing that Botox can cure depression however patients who choose Botox for appearance related reasons are overwhelmingly happy with the results. Patients were considering Botox injections are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.

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