breast revision patientEven with the best surgical technique and execution, eventually, most women who undergo breast augmentation surgery with breast implants will have to face a breast revision procedure at some point in their lifetime. Over time, changes to the appearance of the breasts or concerns with the implants themselves can lead a woman to consider breast revision surgery. The effects of aging, childbearing or implant complications can all alter the positive benefits you achieve with your initial augmentation procedure. Women may also experience changes in aesthetic preferences and wish to exchange their implants for a new size or style. Whether your breasts require a revision due to complications with your implants, unsatisfactory results from prior surgery or personal reasons, it’s essential to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and determine if breast revision surgery is right for you. Together, you can design a personalized breast revision plan that restores your breasts to a more attractive and youthful appearance. Below are some of the most common reasons women will undergo breast revision surgery.

Changes to the Breast Tissue

Many women are surprised to learn that the appearance of their breasts’ is still subject to changes after their initial breast augmentation procedure. While breast implants will provide you with fuller, shapelier and more symmetrical breasts, life events such as pregnancy, weight fluctuations, menopause or the natural aging process can each take a toll on your breast augmentation results. Breasts augmented with breast implants age the same as breasts with natural breast tissue; both are prone to sagging due to gravity and loss of skin elasticity. Women will often opt for a breast revision to address these age-related changes and may pair their procedure with a breast lift to eliminate excess skin and drooping.

Changes in Aesthetic Preferences

Sometimes the reasons for wanting breast revision are straightforward. Many women who undergo breast revision wish to go bigger or smaller in breast implant size. Others may decide that the implants that looked great on their body at the time of their breast augmentation are no longer flattering for them years down the road, especially if their body shape or size has fluctuated significantly. Women may also wish to switch their implant style, such as exchanging saline implants for silicone for a more natural look and feel. If you are no longer thrilled with the way your existing implants look, a breast revision procedure will swap out your current implants with new implants that better suit your aesthetic goals.

Capsular Contracture

In some cases, the implant and capsule of tissue around the implant can harden in one or both breasts due to a condition known as capsular contracture. Research on the prevalence of capsular contracture is limited, but has been estimated to affect between 15 and 45 percent of women with breast implants and can occur immediately after breast augmentation surgery or years later. There are four stages of capsular contracture, the third and fourth of which cause the breast to feel firm or painful and look unnatural. Breast revision is usually required for the third and fourth stages of capsular contracture, during which your surgeon will perform a capsulectomy to carefully remove the affected implant and capsule and replace it with a new breast implant if you desire. Over time, even the most successful breast augmentation procedures can require a revision. It’s crucial to maintain open communication with a trusted and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon after your augmentation and discuss any changes or concerns that arise as soon as they are noticed. Dr. Hisham Seify has extensive experience in breast revision procedures and can help you establish a surgical plan to restore your breasts to their more natural state and position. Contact Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates today at 949-407-8265 to schedule your breast revision consultation.