juvederm 1jpgHave you been thinking about doing a cosmetic surgery procedure but do not know where to start? Do you search online? Get some referrals or recommendations? Choosing the right plastic surgeon takes a lot of time and it can be confusing when weeding out the good ones from the bad ones. Doing research for the perfect plastic surgeon can be daunting and overwhelming, but an article from the Health News Digest broke it down to six questions you should ask when considering cosmetic surgery.

Things You Should Ask When Searching for a Potential Plastic Surgeon

“Who’s your surgeon? Personal recommendations are important. Ask friends for referrals if they have gotten a similar procedure. Get opinions from your family doctor and other doctor acquaintances. Surgical technicians and operating room nurses are an excellent source for information about a surgeon’s skill in the operating room. What is the surgeon’s area of expertise? Ask what kind of training the doctor has in the specific procedure you’re considering – you don’t want someone whose only training was a one-day or weekend course. How often have you done this procedure? It seems obvious that nobody would want to be any surgeon’s first liposuction. Ideally, your doctor has done the same procedure hundreds of times, over many years. What are to potential risks and complications? Every surgery carries some risk, some of which are common to all surgery. The most serious risks usually have to do with excessive blood loss, infection, or adverse reactions to general anesthesia. There are some procedures that are riskier than others, although recent advances continue to make complications more and more unlikely. Since plastic surgery is elective, surgeons will usually refuse to operate on any patient for whom they feel the risk is too great. Do you have hospital privileges? Even if you’re having a plastic surgery procedure at an outpatient clinic, it’s worth asking where the doctor has hospital privileges, because hospitals do background checks. Plus, this could become very important if anything unexpected should occur during your procedure, and you were to need to be transported to a hospital. Are you allowed to see before and after pictures of other patients? It is vital to see many before and after photos from your plastic surgeon in order to evaluate the work that he or she has performed. These photos should subsequently be placed either on the doctor’s web site in galleries or albums in order for patients to review during consultation. Also, make sure to ask if the photos shown to you are pictures of actual patients of that particular surgeon and not stock images.” Also, one red flag would be if a plastic surgeon takes you in immediately as a patient and didn’t take the time to ask about your medical history. Another is if you propose something that is complicated or unrealistic and the surgeon will automatically consent instead turning you down or offering alternatives. shutterstock_20944378

Dr. Seify Can Help You with Those Questions

With Dr. Seify, he takes great care to answer any questions and concerns to make sure we are the right fit for a potential patient. We like to build a great rapport with each patient and are aware that we have to treat each patient individually. If you want to see if we can be the right choice, call Dr. Seify to set up an appointment for a consultation. drseify-whitecoat
derma filler botox crows feetBack then plastic surgery clientele was mostly of the rich and famous, but plastic surgery procedures have become more accessible for people with normal, not-as-glamorous lifestyles. For new mommies, giving birth to a new life can be a beautiful thing, but it is inevitable that pregnancy changes the body – often with undesirable results.  According to a plastic surgeon in Andrew Walker’s article for The Baltimore Sun, “Lifestyle changes, including fashions that are less forgiving and active mothers who are more aware of their appearance, have driven the growth to such procedures over the past decade.” Most of the mommy makeovers consisted of breast augmentation, tummy tucks and liposuction. The article continues with statistics that “breast augmentations have increased 35 percent in the past decade, breast lifts by 69 percent and tummy tucks by 70 percent, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.”

Cosmetic Procedures For Mommies

While some women have more skin elasticity than others, most are not as lucky to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy bodies like the Hollywood stars. Breasts and abdominal areas sag after giving birth which diet and exercise cannot rectify. For those who had the mommy makeovers, some said “their clothes fit better and they no longer obsess over flaws. They said it was something they wanted for themselves and nothing their husbands, or anyone else, encourage.” But these mommy makeovers are about realistic results and some “cosmetic surgeons have said they wouldn’t take patients who have unrealistic expectations or have health problems that might make surgery dangerous.” Some moms even hold out to have the procedures until the kids have grown older and are more financially secure when recovery time and the costs come into consideration.

Thinking About Doing a Procedure After a Kid or Two…or More with Dr. Seify?plastic surgery newport beach

The above procedures mentioned are procedures Dr. Seify specializes in. He can take your concerns into consideration and give you that “mommy makeover” you have always wanted. Sagging breasts after done breastfeeding? He can help with a breast augmentation or breast lift. Overstretched skin around the abdominal area? He is an expert with tummy tuck procedures that results in a smoother, flatter abdomen. Dr. Seify can consult with you to let you know what goes on in the procedure and what to expect post-surgery (i.e. recovery time and what activities are restricted). If you are considering giving yourself a “mommy makeover,” call to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Seify.
As the aging population becomes a more influential part of the population is becoming obvious that getting older does not mean that patients cannot look their best. A facelift has long been the landmark of proof that a person is showing the signs of aging on their face. Many plastic surgeons perform facelift some patients who are well into their 70s and 80s. However, it is important to realize that there is a difference between a person’s real age and their biologically. In reality this can be a huge difference. Dr. Seify explains to his patients that the real distinction in whether or not a patient is too old for a facelift is primarily rooted in their health status. There are some patients who are 60 however there biological health is similar to that of a 90-year-old old because of lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive drinking, or less than admirable eating habits. This is when Dr. Seify’s medical judgment has to be considered when deciding whether or not to proceed with facelift surgery for this type of patient. When patients move forward with facelift surgery Dr. Seify is careful to inform them of potential risk that and possible complications that are related to the surgery and post surgery. For older patients Dr. Seify may work with the primary care physician to assure a safe plan of action for the patient. Also medical clearance performed by their primary care physician will be required prior to surgery. Patients who have cardiac concerns for example, may have a different plan of action because of the impact the surgical procedure can have on the patient especially with respect to the type of anesthesia that would be utilized. The results of a facelift on older patients are generally very good provided the patient is in good health. The patient must be realistic concerning their expected outcome. Patients must take their age and consideration when creating expectation for surgery. It is not likely that they will have a result allowing them to look 35 years younger than their real age. However secondary facelift procedures according to several different published studies can yield results for patients that allow them to look 7 to 10 years younger than their real age. With patients living longer, it is not uncommon for patients to have undergone two or three facelifts well into their 70s and 80s. Dr. Seify encourages patients to look and feel their best at every stage of their life. Patients were considering a facelift are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation. Review all of Dr. Seify’s Procedures and Treatments:
There is a new buzz that has been created due to increased attention paid to the beauty of women’s arms. Toned and fit arms are perceived by most to be youthful and healthy. Some attribute the increase buzz about beautiful arms to Michelle Obama’s toned arms and frequent choice of sleeveless dresses and blouses. Of course, where there is interest in beauty there will always be plastic surgery options. An increase in patients considering brachioplasty or arm lifts has been reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Arm Lifts

To the media, tying the increase in brachioplasty procedures to celebrities with toned and fit arms seems like a logical choice. The reality is the procedure is an invasive one that is typically chosen by patients who have lost a significant amount of weight and therefore have a significant amount of loose and lax skin on the underside of the arm. Dr. Seify explains to patients that brachioplasty should only be performed by experienced plastic surgeons who understand the risk and complications versus the expected benefit for each patient. Although new techniques allow for a shorter incision and thus a shorter scar it is important for patients to understand that the removal excess skin with brachioplasty will require the trade-off of a scar. Dr. Seify explains that the scar is well hidden on the underside of the arm and the majority of patients heal incredibly well so that the scar is barely visible after six months to a year. Initially following the surgery there may be puckering of the skin along the incision which will typically loosen up as the skin relaxes. It is imperative that patients understand their specific situation and what the expectations are for their long-term results. Patients who have loose and lax skin as a result of aging and poor laxity in the skin may not be ideal candidates for the brachioplasty procedure. Also, patients who scar poorly may also be a poor choice for the brachioplasty procedure. While the overwhelming numbers of patients are extremely satisfied with their plastic surgery procedure, it is critical for patients to understand that limiting the plastic surgery procedure to patients who are ideal candidates is the best way to ensure that patients will be satisfied with their results. Brachioplasty patients are typically able to return to a desk type job in 5 to 7 days after surgery. Patients who are considering brachioplasty are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.  
As summer is getting ready to kick into full gear less will mean more. Wearing less clothes will mean showing more skin and in some cases more fat. Here in Southern California, specifically Newport Beach, the idea of a summer without shorts, short dresses, and the most flattering swimsuit is unheard of. While some may say that the look of your legs is only important for the young, others realize that a great pair legs are still a great pair legs at most any age. So what do you do when your legs do not have the best shape and form? Dr. Seify offers several solutions to achieve the thighs a woman can be proud of. There are noninvasive options that have shown great promise and are offered within Dr. Seify’s on-site med spa. Velashape is offered as an FDA cleared noninvasive solution to reducing the circumference of the thighs. This nonsurgical procedure allows patients to over time improve the actual thickness of the thigh area as well as improve the appearance of cellulite. The recommended number of treatments to achieve optimal results will vary from patient to patient; however, Dr. Seify and his staff will assist patients in determining the correct number of treatments to achieve the results that they desire. As an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Seify is also able to recommend and perform liposuction for patients who are concerned about the thickness on their thighs. Liposuction of the thigh area is an extremely delicate procedure and should only be performed by plastic surgeons who are experienced in sculpting the thigh area. The thigh has an extreme amount of thick muscle and only an experienced plastic surgeon will achieve optimal results without compromising the tone and appearance of the thighs. The inner thigh can also be a very delicate area when performing liposuction. It is important that only the correct amount of fat is removed or patients can yield a result that produces loose and lax skin on the inner thigh. Admittedly no one likes thighs that rub together and the ideal look is to have space between the legs in the upper part of the inner thigh area. While this is not achievable for everybody Dr. Seify is able to improve upon the appearance of the thighs for most patients. Patients who are considering rejuvenation of the thighs either through liposuction or noninvasive VelaShape treatments are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.
Celebrities who admit to any cosmetic procedures are rare. Host Kelly Ripa, who is the fresh-faced host of Live! With Kelly and Michael has no problem letting people know that she regularly uses Botox. According to a recent magazine interview Kelly Ripa stated “Every seven months or so my eyelid skin rests on my eyelashes. So I feel like it makes my makeup artist’s life easier, and it makes my eyes look a little more open on TV, which is where I happen to work right now,” she added. Since the media is aware that the word plastic surgery is much more enticing than the word Botox, many headlines read that the celebrity had plastic surgery every seven months when referring to her quote. Celebrities embracing Botox is nothing new, although talking about it is rare. Dr. Seify explains to patients who choose Botox treatments that recurring treatments are necessary to maintain the same effect. After 10 years of Botox being available cosmetically studies have shown that over time the muscle does we can and patients can go longer between treatments before needing more. The popularity of Botox has allowed for many discounts and incentives for patients to take advantage of. Unfortunately it is also allow patients to believe that it does not matter who injects the Botox. The reality is the best results are seen by patients who utilize the same Botox injector every time they have the procedure performed. While it is not plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure that does have risk and complications just as any other medical procedure would have. Add  to the fact that Botox is a medication with a temporary effect in most cases, whatever negative aspect a patient may experience would be for the most part; temporary. With that said, it may not seem as though jumping from provider to provider would be a bad idea. However, a patient must ask themselves how their life will be affected if they had to continue through life on a daily basis with one side of their brow noticeably lower than the other as a result of Botox injections. Dr. Seify encourages his patients to schedule their subsequent Botox appointments at the time of their Botox injection. The staff will help patients to determine the best time to schedule their next appointment. Patients are encouraged to ask about specials and promotions for Botox at the time of scheduling their appointment for the procedure.  
There is no shortage of online advice concerning breast augmentation and breast implant sizing. It is important for patients to realize that reading an article, listening to advice from a friend or relative, and deciding based on that information which breast implant a patient should choose is not wise. Dr. Seify assures patients that while ultimately it is their decision which breast implant they choose as well as the size that they choose, taking into consideration his professional recommendation will help them to have a greater likelihood of achieving the results that they desire. There are a few choices for patients when deciding which breast implants will work best. Patients will be deciding between saline and silicone implants. The size of the implant, as well as what is known as the profile of the implant. In most cases Dr. Seify will recommend a profile of implant based on the patient’s desires, body frame, existing breast tissue and other factors. In general there are three major profiles of implants Dr. Seify offers on a regular basis. These include what are commonly known as moderate implant, moderate implant plus, and high-profile implant. Generally speaking a moderate profile breast implant is used to achieve a more natural appearing contour of the breast while a moderate profile plus or high-profile implant will produce a rounder and more projecting appearance to the breast. Saline and silicone implants and outer silicone shell. Saline implants are filled with a sterile saline solution during the breast augmentation procedure while silicone implants are prefilled with the medical grade silicone gel. Their high levels of satisfaction regardless of which breast implant a patient chooses. Each implant has benefits as well is limitations. Most patients choose breast augmentation to improve the contour and shape of their breast, correct asymmetries, or simply to increase the size and projection of their breast. The initial consultation is critical for determining not only the patient’s desires, but also motivation for breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Seify encourages patients to remain open-minded concerning the best recommendations for breast augmentation surgery. There could be variations to Dr. Seify’s recommendation for patients who are considering breast augmentation. This could include an additional recommendation of a breast lift. The overall goal is to have the most dramatic improvement, in the safest and most beneficial manner. Patients who are considering breast augmentation are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.  
There’ve been many claims made about Botox and what it can do for patients. Most people are familiar with Botox treating frown lines and facial wrinkles. But, now the claim has been made that it can help ward off depression. According to recent article researchers at the Chevy Chase cosmetic Center in Maryland suggested that a recent annual meeting of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology that warding off depression should be added as a benefit of Botox. The medical director along with his colleagues presented a study that claim to prove treating frown lines and reducing the signs of aging could help patients who are depressed feel happier. The back end of the research is rooted in history. Charles Darwin is linked to the phrase ”grief muscles “which described the muscles that are used we frown. He suggested that when making an unhappy face it is intensely linked to true feelings of sadness. The lead researcher hypothesized that by freezing what are known as “grief muscles” with Botox and preventing people from frowning that it also could reduce the emotion of sadness. The researchers studied 84 people who suffered from severe depression lasting for an average of two years none of whom had success with antidepressant. Some of the participants were given Botox injections who others were injected with a placebo. They were then assessed between three and six weeks later. According to the news source at that particular time just over one fourth of those receiving Botox had researchers reported as a nearly complete remission of their depression. Only 7% of those who had received the placebo reported similar results. Until the study is further reviewed Botox could not be considered an official treatment of depression. Botox is the most popular cosmetic injectable and tends to be more affordable than other rejuvenation procedures including facelift although the results do not last as long. Dr. Seify performs Botox injections on numerous patients routinely. He cautions against patients believing that Botox can cure depression however patients who choose Botox for appearance related reasons are overwhelmingly happy with the results. Patients were considering Botox injections are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.
Increasingly patients are being encouraged to have a conversation with a plastic reconstructive surgeon concerning breast reconstruction options prior to having of mastectomy. According to recent article a CBS affiliate KVAL reported that some experts believe that patients should consult a plastic surgeon before the initial operation. The importance of a pre-mastectomy consultation is rooted in the fact that it can provide options for plastic surgeons to reshape the breast as closely as possible to its original shape throughout the entire reconstruction process. The ability to preserve the existing skin of the breast so that the plastic surgeon can utilize it directly after the mastectomy during reconstruction will almost always yield the best cosmetic results. Also, by having a consultation prior to the mastectomy it may lead to an increase in postmastectomy reconstructions. This is an area medical experts agree needs to be addressed since only about 20% of mastectomies are reconstructed. Multiple studies proved that having breast reconstruction positively affects body image, as well as self-esteem for women who must undergo a mastectomy. Dr. Seify explains to patients who consult with him prior to having a mastectomy that it is his intention to work with the entire team of medical professionals treating the patient. Ultimately the decision to have breast reconstruction surgery is solely decision of the patient. Dr. Seify will help the patient understand the pros and cons of breast reconstruction as well as cover in detail the different types of reconstruction procedures. Patients who are considering breast reconstruction following mastectomy are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.
Breast reconstruction patients continue to have increased options for breast reconstruction as technology continues to offer new and innovative method according to recent article. These options include the ability to have mastectomy and reconstruction in the same day. This allows the patient to eliminate several trips back and forth to the hospital using tissue expanders to expand skin. Flap reconstruction uses skin from other parts of the body to reconstruct the breast and many women feel it looks more natural than a tissue expander. When patients are cleared by the doctors some are able to have breast reconstruction right after a mastectomy. This is where the plastic surgeon uses the remaining skin from the surgery to actually construct a new breast. The mother new and innovative techniques include fat transfer and stem cell surgical options. Dr. Seify has been selected to participate in several clinical trials for both fat transfer and stem cell surgical options. Because of his unique and diversified practice he is able to utilize some of the new breast reconstruction techniques and his breast augmentation procedures. Patients who have breast augmentation are reminded to be proactive concerning their breast health. This means adhering to the American Cancer Society’s recommendations for early detection. These recommendations include monthly breast self exam as well as a yearly mammograms after the age of 40. It is important for patients to understand the breast implants will not increase the risk of cancer however patients are instructed to follow the same guidelines for breast health as they would if they do not have breast implants. Patients who are considering breast augmentation or have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are considering breast reconstruction are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.
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