Cosmetic Procedures Are Part of Life for Every Decade

Cosmetic Procedures Are Part of Life for Every DecadeChoosing to have cosmetic surgery or other cosmetic procedures is a step towards what for many is a lifetime of maintaining their best appearance. According to recent online article Botox leads the pack in the most performed cosmetic procedure. Due to the fact that this procedure is noninvasive, the demographic has shifted is well. Previously a plastic surgery patient was most likely to choose plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift; and therefore, was  to be older. Now patients between the ages of 35 and 50 are responsible for nearly 50% of all cosmetic procedures performed in the US. Starting younger with cosmetic procedures is based on the idea that patients can avoid the signs of aging longer. For most patients the goal is not necessarily to look decades younger, but rather to look fresher at their current stage of life. According to the article, good skin care should be developed starting in the teen years. This is also when patients should get into the habit of wearing sunscreen everyday regardless of the weather. This is also the best time to learn that the tanning bed is your enemy. Tanning outside is also a bad idea not only for the appearance of the skin but also for your health. In your 20s the delicate area around eyes can start to show signs of aging. This is when patients should begin to use an effective eye cream. Wearing sunglasses is also recommended to avoid squinting and line that form on the outer corner the eyes known as crows feet. Micro dermabrasion is also very effective at smoothing skin and improving the skin tone. This is an excellent time to begin routine medical grade micro dermabrasion treatments. This is not too early to begin Botox treatments. In your 30s is when you first begin to see more obvious signs of aging. Botox and fillers are likely to be used in this stage of life. Botox paralyzes the muscle in the forehead treating forehead lines and wrinkles. Fillers like Restylane and Juvederm  treat areas like the nasolabial folds that can look like parentheses around the mouth. This is also when most women will consider pregnancy related surgeries including breast augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. In your 40s is when the payoff for taking care of your skin and your 20s and 30s allows you to use maintenance to maintain your best appearance. You may elect for a surgical procedure for slight tightening such as a mini facelift while continuing injectables and Botox. In your 50s and beyond a blepharoplasty for the eyelids may be needed to maintain your most youthful appearance. Most patients will continue procedures both surgical as well as noninvasive throughout their lifetime an effort to maintain their best overall appearance. Dr. Seify reminds patients that the payoff for taking care of your skin and overall appearance as well as health comes in the later years. Whether it is cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures older patients who enjoy the benefits of these procedures most are those who started cosmetic procedures early in life. Dr. Seify encourages patients who are considering cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures to contact his office for a consultation to determine which procedures are best for them.

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