Eyelid Surgery| Can it make a difference?

eyelid surgeryEyelid surgery can be considered by patients for many different reasons. Eyelid surgery is considered plastic surgery yet it is not always considered a cosmetic procedure. A small percentage of patients could have what is considered an excessive amount of loose and lax skin on the eyelid, which in turn obstructs their vision. This amount of skin which is also known as “hooding” could cause the patient to be a candidate for reconstructive plastic surgery, which could mean that insurance would cover some of, if not all of the surgical fees.

Eyelid Surgery and Insurance Coverage

It is important to note that very few patients actually meet the criteria of the insurance companies in order to have the procedure covered. It is even more difficult obtain approval through Medicare to have the procedure covered. This does not in any way mean that the procedure is not warranted or that it would not greatly improve the patient’s vision as well as appearance. Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is often one of the last procedures patients consider when they are beginning to notice the first signs of aging. The reality is that eyelid surgery, performed early before the loose and lax skin on the eyelid is excessive, can make a dramatic difference in the youthful appearance of a patient.

Eyelid Surgery at Newport Plastic Surgery

Dr. Seify explains that the laxity of the skin is best when a patient is younger and the results tend to be better. Most patients who consider eyelid surgery also include the area beneath the eyes which often has a pocket of loose skin and fat that many call” bags beneath the eyes”. Dr. Seify is usually able to address both areas together and most patients are socially acceptable in public without little evidence that they had cosmetic plastic surgery within two weeks. Dr. Seify encourages patients who are considering eyelid surgery to schedule a consultation to discover if blepharoplasty is a viable solution for them.

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