Eyelid Surgery Repair

Eyelid Surgery Repair – Orange County | Newport Beach

Dr. Seify is an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon experienced at correcting the eyelid problems of other surgeons because eyelids are his specific area of highest specialization. If you are referred to Dr. Seify due to a problem after an eyelid surgery, it does not necessarily mean that anything was done wrong by the first surgeon.

Eyelid Surgery Repair - Orange County | Newport Beach

After Procedure

With the human body, no one can ever be certain of the outcome. Nonetheless, patients still must deal with the correction of less than stellar results. The specific corrective procedure is dependent upon the specific problem. Below are some examples of eyelid surgery problems and their corrections.

Please note that because of the added difficulty of reoperation, the usual cosmetic surgeon’s fees could be higher when correcting problems due to prior surgery performed elsewhere. If applicable insurance is available, Dr. Seify is willing in most cases to bill insurance and the patient will only be responsible for their out of pocket portion.

Entropion Repair

In entropion, the eyelid is turned inwards toward the eye, and the eyelashes disturb the eye, causing tearing and disruption. The correction requires outpatient surgery of the eyelid, and in some cases could be performed with the CO2 laser, allowing for minimal to no bruising, and a quicker recovery.

Eyelid Surgery Repair - Orange County | Newport Beach

Before Procedure

Ectropion Repair

In ectropion, the eyelid is turned outward, showing the pink conjunctiva lining of the eyelid. The eye could be irritated and have excessive tearing. Outpatient lower lid reconstruction with support of the lid to prevent recurrence is the procedure of choice.

Ptosis Repair

Ptosis is a condition when the eyelid does not open fully. This can obstruct vision. Ptosis can be present since birth, or can occur following trauma, cataract surgery, or due to aging. Surgical repair is performed as an outpatient, and the eyelid level is corrected painlessly with the patient under local anesthesia. The CO2 laser could be used or surgical removal of the excess skin. Patients can usually return to their normal activities in about a week. Repair of over correction of ptosis repair is also a specialty for Dr Seify.  In the unfortunate case that a repair is needed Dr Seify uses a special technique that he published with world authority authors on the subject.He also  trains other plastic surgeons to use this technique effectively.

Skin Cancer of the Eyelid

Basal cell carcinoma is the most frequently seen skin cancer of the eyelid. It is typically biopsied in the office to confirm the diagnosis. Surgical removal of the cancer is performed as an outpatient. If necessary, the eyelid is reconstructed using local flaps. In most cases, the outcome is excellent, and there are minimal or if any scars. Other skin cancers are usually curable, and the aesthetic result can be superb.

There are two very significant factors in the management of eyelid skin cancers—complete removal and reconstruction. Complete removal of the tumor is essential to minimize the possibility of recurrence, which is even more difficult to manage. In most cases, Dr Seify will work with a highly skilled dermatologic surgeon who removes the tumor using a special procedure (“Mohs technique”) to assure total removal. On some occasions, Dr. Seify may remove the tumor and request that a pathologist check the tissue margins (“frozen section”) to be sure the tumor has been completely removed.

Once the tumor has been removed, reconstructive surgery is almost always necessary. Many exceptional techniques are offered to reconstruct almost any surgical defect. The operation is specifically catered to the defect that is present after the removal of the tumor. With every technique, the goals remain the same: to reconstruct the eyelid and ensure proper function, to protects the eye, to preserve vision, and to create a  satisfactory cosmetic appearance.

Every form of therapy for eyelid skin cancer will leave behind some sort of scar. However, Dr Seify makes every effort to always minimize scarring and obtain the best cosmetic results. After surgery, the healing process could take six months to one year. After the wound has healed, follow up with Dr. Seify or the referring physician is necessary to ensure that the skin cancer is not recurrent.

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