Face lift| Is Video Chatting Making You More Critical of Your Face?

face liftFace lift used to be a procedure associated with older celebrities. Now, a recent New York Times article says that some people are seeking face lift surgery not because of their appearance on the movie or TV screen;  but, rather their appearance on computer screens and smart phones. According to the article a Virginia plastic surgeon claimed that people usually look down into their video chat devices, which is a very unflattering angle, foreshortening the face and calling attention to any fat under the chin.  He claims that roughly a quarter of the 100 face lift patients he has a year told him that the way they look on webcams as a reason for going under the knife.

Face lift an Option for Aging Faces

Dr. Malcolm Z. Roth, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, said other plastic surgeons reported similar facelift findings among their patients.  It is possible when you consider how popular video chats are becoming in everyday life, from job interviews to online dating.  One patient quoted in the article claimed that because she communicates so much by videoconferencing she made decision to have a face lift. “When you’re video calling someone, you can no longer ignore the fact” that your face and neck are starting to droop, the patient said. Some Mental health experts believe that the ever present camera has forced people into a perceived spotlight where they believe the demands for beauty, are equal to that of a celebrity.

Face lift Is Not Only For the Vain

Face lift and other procedures for the face are on the rise with a aging population. Facial rejuvenation procedures involve a combination of many different cosmetic surgery procedures which may or may not include a face lift . Dr. Seify stresses the importance of patients having realistic expectations about a face lift or other the facial rejuvenation procedures they have chosen. For example, an upper eyelid lift will correct loose and lax skin on the eyelid. Patients can add the lower eye area to their blepharoplasty procedure and this will help to smooth the bags and loose skin beneath the eyes. The procedure will not lift the brow. That is a separate procedure which is a brow lift. These are separate areas and they are treated separately.  When patients are preparing an anti-aging facial treatment plan with Dr. Seify each area is addressed separately. A face lift is generally made up of a combination of procedures.Patients are able to prioritize based on which areas are most bothersome and which procedures will yield the greatest value for the patient. Surgical procedures are performed in an accredited surgical facility to ensure patient safety. As an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Seify is held to among the highest standards. Patients are encouraged to approach facial rejuvenation as an option for enhancing their facial features while allowing patients to enjoy their best possible appearance at every age.

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