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View Our Specials Our face plays a vastly important role in our lives.  It allows us to communicate and demonstrate emotions.  It defines our appearance and makes each one of us truly unique.  Unfortunately, the skin and tissues that make us unique are also delicate and exposed, so the face bears the brunt of time and experience.  Therefore, it is usually the first part of our body to show the effects of age and environmental damage.  We begin to see fine lines and wrinkles that deepen with time, and our skin no longer seems as elastic and smooth as in our youth.  Stubborn areas of fat develop and seem nearly impossible to eradicate.  Aging can lead to a wide range of unappealing and discouraging developments, such as:

  • Sagging, droopy, or hanging facial skin (facial ptosis)
  • Excess or misplaced fat pockets/fatty deposits in the face and neck
  • Deep folds, lines, and wrinkles, so-called “laugh lines”, on the nasolabial folds
  • “Crow’s feet”, or lines and wrinkles around the eyes or beneath the lower eyelids
  • Unsightly “double chin”, “jowls”, or “turkey wattle”, the result of excess fatty tissue, loose skin, and lax musculature in the lower jaw and neck
  • Separated and lax neck muscles, creating an unattractive jawline or banding on the neck
Luckily, modern cosmetic surgery allows us to address these problems safely and permanently, restoring the natural vigor and freshness of youth.  A variety of procedures has been designed to correct these issues, and can generally be grouped together under the heading facelift neck lift.  A facelift will focus on fatty deposits and excess skin in the lower face, while a neck lift will improve the appearance of the jawline and neck.  This isn’t your old-fashioned “one-size-sits-all” facelift: today’s cosmetic surgeons are able to develop precise, customized surgical plans designed to address the specific problem areas and unique aesthetic goals of each individual patient.

Facelift procedures will tighten and lift the facial tissues and musculature deep within the structure of the face, while removing fat deposits and any hanging or loose skin.  Because modern surgical techniques enable the surgeon to adjust the facial structures deep underneath the skin, they avoid the “pinched” and “windswept” looks of older facelifts, instead delivering a natural, undistorted look and preserving the patient’s unique beauty.  Neck lifts are designed to address the problem of lax skin and musculature in the neck region.  In addition to the problem of loose skin and excess fatty deposits on the jaw and neck, which result in a number of highly unflattering problems, the muscles of the neck can separate over time, leading to horizontal or vertical banding along the neck.  A neck lift involves suturing these muscles together at the center point to provide a more flattering, youthful neck.

The face and neck are extremely delicate and intricate, and a facelift neck lift procedure entails a variety of techniques and approaches depending on each individual’s unique appearance.  So it is important to select the right surgeon to walk you through the decision-making process and perform the surgery.  Dr. Hisham Seify and his staff at Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates in Newport Beach, California will patiently guide you throughout every phase of your surgical experience.  Dr. Seify is a Board Certified plastic surgeon with the skill and experience necessary to ensure that your procedure is a success.  And as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of California at Irvine, Dr. Seify has unique access to the latest cutting-edge techniques needed to make every facelift neck lift safe, successful, and naturally-beautiful.


Face- and necklift surgery can last anywhere from two to five hours, depending on the level of correction required and the scope of the surgical plan.  It is performed in the office under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.  Most elements of the procedure can be completed using carefully-placed incisions in front of and behind the ear in order to minimize visible post-operative scarring.  Liposuction will then be utilized to remove excess fatty tissue from the face, jowls, and/or neck.  The muscles will be tightened, including the muscles of the neck which, when become separated through the natural aging process, can form unsightly band lines.  Finally, any loose, hanging skin on the face and neck will either be repositioned and sutured, or removed entirely if necessary.

Immediately after the surgery, most patients will notice swelling and bruising around the face, jaw, ears, and neck, depending on which areas received attention.  These symptoms can be alleviated by elevating the head and applying cold compresses.  Some patients may experience mild to moderate pain, and feel that their skin feels “tight”.  Most post-surgical swelling and discomfort should abate within 7-10 days, but the swelling will likely take 3-4 weeks to disappear completely, and while the results of the surgery will be apparent immediately, your appearance will continue to improve as the swelling diminished during the healing process.


Dr. Hisham Seify and his staff at Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates are dedicated to providing a warm, welcoming, comfortable atmosphere where you will feel comfortable sharing your concerns about how aging is affecting your appearance and self-confidence.  Dr. Seify will listen carefully to your goals and expectations, and will help you understand the wide range of options available to you.  He will work with you to design a customized surgical plan optimized to address only those areas of concern to you and to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final results.

There are always potential risks associated with facelift and neck lift procedures, as with any surgical procedure, but Dr. Seify is a Board Certified plastic surgeon who prides himself on using state-of-the-art technology and techniques to minimize risk, complications, and discomfort as much as possible both during and after the surgery.  If you would like additional information about a facelift neck lift, please contact the Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates office today.  We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Seify.

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