Facelift Revision Surgery Candidates

Facelift Revision Surgery

60 year old womanThere are various reasons why a patient may consider a revision facelift regardless of whether they has had a primary facelift cosmetic surgery a few months or a few years ago.

A facelift is meant to restore a more youthful look and delay the signs of facial aging. But it cannot prevent aging in the future altogether.

With more time and sun exposure, patients may notice sagging in the jowls or under the eyes since their initial facelift. This aging process is natural, primarily as the fatty tissue of the face reduces over a period. This is when many patients choose a facelift revision surgery.


Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify provides facelift revision surgery to patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and other towns and neighborhoods in SoCal.


Need for a Revision Facelift


The patient could have received their initial facelift cosmetic surgery with inappropriate techniques or by a less experienced or less trained surgeon. In these cases, the patient may have an unnatural or “over done” appearance to their face after the primary surgery.


This issue is sometimes seen in patients who undergo a facelift with techniques that only lift and tighten the skin rather than rework the deeper muscle and tissue layers of the face (which can be achieved through the use of a deep plane or SMAS lift approach).


Candidates for a Revision Facelift


If a patient experiences the following issues after their primary facelift, they may be an ideal candidate for a facelift revision surgical procedure:


  • Unnatural outcomes that seem pulled or overdone
  • Skin sagging beneath the jawline and in the mid-face area
  • Fat loss in the under eyes, upper cheeks, around the lips or in the mouth region
  • Folds around the mouth and lower eyelids
  • Excess fat deposits in the jowls and neck


Ideal candidates for a facelift revision surgery are in optimal physical and emotional health. Revision facelift surgery candidates should not smoke and take anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin for a minimum of two weeks prior to the surgery to decrease the risks of complications. Furthermore, patients should develop realistic expectation regarding the results as with any surgery.


Characteristics of Ideal Candidates


Good candidates for a facelift revision will usually have the following attributes:


Degree of Skin Elasticity


Ideal candidates for a facelift revision procedure possess skin with a certain level of flexibility, elasticity, and pliancy. The surgeon will tighten the skin on the face to mitigate the appearance of wrinkles during the revision procedure. The patient will experience outcomes that are smooth and look natural when pulled tight if the skin has some degree of elasticity.


Strong Bone Structure



A candidate for a revision facelift should have a well-defined underlying bone structure. This offers support to the procedure leading to outcomes that are more sustainable. In case the patient’s features are less distinctive, they can choose implants for the face in addition to or instead of a facelift revision surgery.


Realistic Expectations


The candidate should clearly understand what a facelift revision surgery can and cannot offer. They should view multiple facelift revision before and after images to gauge what this procedure can do for them.


Focused and successful cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify receives patients from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and nearby areas for facelift revision surgery.


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