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Facial Skin Cancer Specialist – Newport Beach | Orange County

Facial Skin Cancer Specialist - Newport Beach | Orange County

Skin Cancer Excision and Reconstruction Specialist Newport Beach

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Do you need to have surgery to correct skin cancer or reconstruction after skin cancer or Parotidectomy? As one of the most common types of cancer of the head and neck, skin cancer can often be treated easily with early diagnosis and proper repair. Also, patients who have experienced a parotidectomy or removal of their parotid gland may require reconstruction to repair the defects left behind to the side of their face. Dr. Seify is experienced in working with patients to effectively remove skin cancer, is able to reconstruct and repair the damage that can be left behind after an excision or Moh’s surgery in addition to performing complete reconstruction following a parotidectomy.

Dr S Skin Cancer
For small skin cancers or lesions, Dr. Seify will often perform an excision with a simple closure. For more complex cases where the skin cancer has spread, Dr. Seify may use Moh’s Micrographic Surgery to safely remove the “roots” of the skin cancer while leaving as much healthy tissue remaining as possible. With Moh’s Surgery, Dr. Seify is able to remove small amounts of tissue and review the margins under a microscope and repeat until the margins are clear. Once the cancer has been removed then he utilizes his expertise as Plastic Surgeon to perform a careful closure, leaving behind and aesthetically pleasing result. If the surgery has been performed by a non plastic surgeon and the results of the repair or not desirable, Dr. Seify can reconstruct the area to improve the defect. This is also the case following a parotidectomy.

Some of the many options used by Dr. Seify to remove skin cancer and reconstruct after skin cancer and parotidectomy include:

  • Simple Excision
  • Moh’s Surgery
  • Curettage with Electrodessication
  • Cryosurgry
  • Laser Surgery
  • Skin Grafting and Flaps
  • Dermabrasion
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Scar Repair
  • Photodynamic Therapy

There have been many advancements made in the area of skin cancer excision and post surgery reconstruction. Dr. Siefy is an accomplished Plastic Surgeon and specializes in the area of skin cancer removal with reconstruction and repair following an excision or parotidectomy in the Newport Beach area. In addition to his extensive experience and credentials, Dr. Seify is committed to the highest levels of patient satisfaction and is ready to help you achieve your goals.

To learn more about skin cancer removal, repair and reconstruction after skin cancer removal and parotidectomy, click here for more details or contact us today for your comprehensive consultation. Dr. Seify is looking forward to helping you.

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