The Finest Breast Reduction Surgery in Newport Beach

The Finest Breast Reduction Surgery in Newport Beach

Breast Reduction | Breast Surgery | Newport Beach | Orange CountyReduction mammaplasty or breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reduce the size of the breasts and make them more proportionate to the rest of the body. In some cases, the cosmetic surgeon may recommend this procedure for medical reasons, if the patient suffers from pain, discomfort, and restriction of movements due to oversized breasts.

Breast reduction surgery in Newport Beach can be received at Newport Plastic, which is a leading practice in the area. Led by board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hisham Seify, the practice provides breast reduction and other plastic surgery procedures to patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and surrounding communities.

Challenges with Excessively Large Breasts

From an aesthetic point of view, oversized breasts can compromise the natural body proportion and balance. Women who may like to pursue sports, vigorous exercises or other physical activities may feel hampered due to excessively large breasts. Some women may feel restricted in the types of clothing they may like to wear, and may also feel under-confident in social settings.

From a medical perspective, oversized breasts can contribute to frequent pain in the neck, backm, and shoulders. Rashes or irritation may also occur in the breast crease due to very heavy breasts. Breast reduction cosmetic surgery may be the most effective way to address all such issues.

Suitable Candidates

The cosmetic surgeon will assess the patient’s overall health, previous breast surgery, if any, and the patient’s individual aesthetic needs before recommending breast reduction. If the patient is unhappy with the excessive breast size, and unable to improve the condition with diet and exercise, she may be a stellar candidate for breast reduction plastic surgery.

An ideal candidate for this procedure would be a non-smoker or committed to quitting smoking several weeks prior to the surgery. She will have a positive mindset, clear aesthetic priorities and realistic expectations. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Seify will evaluate all factors before recommending breast reduction to his patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and nearby locations.

Surgical Procedure

Breast reduction surgery may be performed using general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. The procedure begins with the surgeon placing discreet incisions in pre-determined locations. The incision may be made in a keyhole pattern, or in the circumference of the areola. Depending on how much loose skin or fat must be removed, the incision may be placed vertically also.

Through the incision, the surgeon will remove underlying breast fat tissue, excise the loose skin, and tighten separated or weakened muscles. The areola size may also be reduced, and the nipple will be repositioned to a more youthful location. Breast tissue will be sutured tightly to support the new shape of breasts.


Basic results can be seen immediately after the procedure, but full results will become clearer as the initial swelling and bruising resolves and the incision lines become less conspicuous. The results with breast reduction can last for several years as long as the patient maintains an active lifestyle, healthy diet, and performs regular exercise.

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