Fitness Foods| What’s on Your Plate?

There are foods that we can choose to include your diets that are ready-made to improve our fitness level and health. According to recent article choosing the right foods is just as important as getting a consistent amount of exercise. According to the article avocados are one of the best fitness foods that can be added to the diet. According to researchers at the University of Buffalo competitive women runners who consumed less than 20% fat were more likely to suffer injuries than those who consumed at least 31% fat. Experts speculate that the problem is linked to extreme low-fat diets which actually weaken the muscles and joints. A few slices of avocado per day aren’t effective way to increase fat for women who are opposed adding stats to their diet. Bananas are another fitness food attack heavy punch. Bananas have high potassium content and low sodium content both of which help to heal the body and reduce muscle cramps. Bananas are also packed with energizing carbohydrates. Berries are also one of the top fitness foods. They are the richest in antioxidants. Just a handful of blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries are an excellent source of the potent nutrients which protect muscles from what is known as free radical damage that could be caused by exercise. In theory, the deeper the color of the berry, the healthier the fruit is. Carrots top the list as a fitness food it helps to provide complex carbs that support energy, control blood pressure, and ease the possibility of muscle contractions. Rounding out the list are whole-grain foods, chicken thighs, hummus, eggs, chocolate milk, and the highly regarded salmon. While the right foods are critical is important for patients to realize that even with proper diet and exercise as women age the metabolism is likely to change. Often patients tell Dr. Seify that they have not made any significant changes in their diet and exercise regimen; however, they have a thickness around the midsection that they are not happy with. Provided the patient does not have accompanying loose and lax skin, Dr. Seify is likely to recommend liposuction is a way to treat specific areas of fat that do not respond well to diet and exercise. If the skin on the abdomen is loose and lax , Dr. Seify may recommend an abdominoplasty which will remove the excess skin. In most cases patients are able to realize a more aesthetically pleasing result than they would be able to accomplish through diet and exercise alone. Patients who are considering body contouring procedures are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.

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