Holiday Season Cosmetic Surgery

The holiday season is in full swing, family gatherings, religious traditions, and plenty of additional calories are a given. Here in Southern California there will be no snow or big coats to cover our bodies and hide those areas we don’t want anyone to see. According to recent online article there is bound to be a boom and cosmetic surgery over this holiday season. Surgeons in the United Kingdom report that liposuction, breast augmentation, and facial plastic surgery rates typically increase by 50% in December. Nonsurgical treatment including Botox and Juvederm typically increase by 30%. According to the article, in the past few years surgery demand continue to increase. The industry as a whole is likely to provide incentives as mentioned in the article although patient should be leery of free procedures that are advertised especially in the US where ASPS board-certified plastic surgeons are not likely to advertise free procedures. Although plastic surgery as a gift can be controversial, it is a nice consideration for patients who have expressed an interest in a specific procedure and have had a consultation and selected a specific plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Having time off over the holidays is also an excellent enticement for having plastic surgery procedures over the holidays. More invasive procedures including tummy tuck and facelift require some downtime and for patients who do not have specific holiday plans is the perfect time to rest and relax without the pressure of returning to work. Patients who work in education or are in school are also likely to choose this time year to have surgery due to their schedules. Dr. Seify explains that even though this time of year can appear enticing and work perfectly with the patient schedule is imperative that patients do not rush into the procedure without carefully considering the risks as well as the benefits. Patients were consider procedures like breast augmentation should not make their choices based on the holiday dress or a boyfriend’s Christmas wish. Dr. Seify and his staff work closely with every patient to determine which procedures are best for them. Patients were considering cosmetic plastic surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation to help review Dr. Seify schedule and the best choices that will allow the most recovery time over the holidays.

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