How Many Different Initial Consultations Should A New Patient Have?

Prior to the popularity of the Internet the decision to have plastic surgery was one that patients had to make with very little access to additional resources to help them make to make a decision. Fast-forward to today and you will find that there are more articles and websites dedicated to plastic surgery than any one person could read it seems a lifetime. While information, research, and education are critical to the plastic surgery decision balance is also necessary in order to make the best decisions. It is important to note that cosmetic plastic surgery is elective which means that there is not a medical reason or healing that will result from surgery. This does not mean that patients should view the surgery as routine and easy. The reality is surgery should always be viewed as serious and the risk of complications should never be viewed lightly. While it is true that cosmetic plastic surgery has an extremely low risk of serious complications, patient should still be well-informed of all risk that pertain to each procedure. There is not a magic number that will prove a patient has done the correct amount of research or had enough initial consultations to determine which plastic surgeon they trust to perform their plastic surgery. There are specific factors that should be included when determining if a specific plastic surgeon is the right fit for the patient. For example, is the plastic surgeon board-certified specifically in plastic surgery? This is extremely important because it helps the patient to determine the credentialing of the plastic surgeon and is easily verified by checking the ASPS website. Another important factor is the level of comfort the patient has with the plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons should be forthcoming with not only the” good news”(all of the good things that can happen) but also the “bad news”(risk and complications as they specifically relate to the patient). Initial consultation should not be narrowed down to ”shopping”. While no one will dispute that price factors into cosmetic elective procedures when price is the driving factor is easy to overlook other important factors including safety and the overall cosmetic surgery experience. Dr. Seify helps patients to understand in the initial consultation that he is committed to not only providing excellent results in the safest manner possible but also helping patients to make informed decisions related to the overall cosmetic surgery experience. Dr. Seify his practice is a full-service practice offering procedures including breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, blepharoplasty, and other popular procedures. Patients were considering cosmetic plastic surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.

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