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Laser Hair Removal Overview

Hair – everybody has it. All across your body, hair is growing every day, prompting you to remove it when it gets to be too much, especially in areas where it isn’t exactly desirable. The hair above the upper lip or between the brows can be a cosmetic concern. The hair beneath the armpits and across the legs can be frustrating to remove continuously. Sure, shaving, waxing and tweezing removes your hair, but the issue will always remain as it continues to regrow. Are you tired of having to remove your hair with these conventional methods? If so, laser hair removal may be the solution you seek.

Laser hair removal is a long-lasting solution for hair removal. The successful treatment allows you the opportunity to say goodbye to the waxing, shaving and tweezing for good. At Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates of Orange County, CA, we offer the best in laser hair removal with the highly advanced CoolGlide system. If you are frustrated with your hair, please contact us at 949-431-2086 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation. One of our experienced medical aestheticians can assess your hair concerns and determine if laser hair removal with the CoolGlide system will benefit you. 

What Is Laser Hair Removal with the CoolGlide System?

The CoolGlide system, developed by Cutera, a pioneer in cosmetic laser technology, utilizes a long-pulse Nd: YAG laser, which means it’s a laser with four different energy levels, making it suitable for a wide range of skin types. The CoolGlide system is considered by industry experts to be the gold standard in laser hair removal, especially for darker skin types. A broad spectrum of skin types can be treated safely and effectively. Often, laser hair removal systems are not recommended for darker skin types because they can negatively impact their pigment. But not the CoolGlide system. The unique device features a longer wavelength and an integrated cooling system to make your treatment more comfortable. The “cool” treatment tip assures that patients will be comfortable without damaging the skin’s pigment.

Laser hair removal involves focusing laser energy directly into your hair follicle. This energy ultimately heats the follicle, causing it to damage and making it shed. The damage it inflicts makes hair regrowth difficult. Because of this, laser hair removal offers long-lasting results that can be potentially permanent. Laser hair removal with the CoolGlide system is a successful means for removing hair, regardless of skin tone. 

What Can Laser Hair Removal Do for Me?

Laser hair removal can save you time and money because you will no longer have to worry about hair upkeep with conventional methods, such as shaving, waxing and tweezing. In addition, not having to worry about having hair in areas where it isn’t exactly desirable, such as on the upper lip and between the brows, can allow you greater confidence and a greater sense of control about your appearance. Having undesirable hair in certain areas can be unfortunate when its removal can be forgotten before a special occasion. 

Laser hair removal is a highly effective hair removal technique that is precise, quick and predictable. The treatment can be customized based on your individual needs by adjusting the laser accordingly to your treatment size and which area needs to be treated. Smaller areas, such as above the lips, can be treated in mere minutes. If you undergo several treatment sessions, laser hair removal can lead to permanent results. The benefits of laser hair removal are numerous.

Who Is a Good Candidate for CoolGlide?

Dr. Seify is proud to offer the CoolGlide system in Newport Beach and surrounding areas to serve the needs of men and women of all skin types, including tanned skin. The treatment is not ideal for treating hair that is either blonde, white, gray or red. The laser of laser hair removal targets a hair follicle’s melanin specifically, which allows for more excellent absorption and eventual damage. Lighter hair colors are less prone to absorbing laser energy because it has less melanin. If your hair concerns are dark in color, then laser hair removal is right for you. 

Areas that are ideal for laser hair removal include:

  • Legs
  • Arms and underarms
  • Back
  • Chest 
  • Stomach
  • Bikini line
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Chin
  • Upper lip

Dr. Seify’s experienced medical aestheticians conduct an individualized consultation, including a professional skin and hair assessment. After the skin and hair analysis, patients are given a recommendation for the most effective regimen to eliminate unwanted hair.

The CoolGlide Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Because laser hair removal with the CoolGlide system is safe, anesthesia will not be necessary. However, if you are wary of pain, a topical anesthetic can be applied to ensure comfort and help mitigate any pain. The treatment begins with activating the CoolGlide system and passing it across your desired treatment area. With each pass, pulses of light energy are delivered into your hair follicles. A mild pinching or stinging sensation that is akin to the snapping of a rubber band may be experienced during this phase, but it’s a generally tolerable sensation that should not cause you to worry. After the laser has been applied to the follicles, ice or cold water may be applied. How long your treatment lasts depends on how many areas you are having treated and the size. Treating an area as small as the upper lip can take a few minutes, while treating an area as large as the back can take approximately one hour. 

CoolGlide Laser Hair Removal Recovery and Results

Your laser hair removal treatment requires no downtime. Your skin may be red like a sunburn. However, this will not be severe enough for it to disrupt your daily activities. You can apply a moisturizer to help mitigate any discomfort if you experience any. You should keep your skin away from direct sunlight and apply sunscreen for several days until this redness has gone away. 

For most patients, four to eight sessions will be necessary to achieve the most dramatic elimination of unwanted hair. Multiple sessions are needed because your hair follicles undergo different phases of growth, all at different times. After four to eight sessions, your results will be consistently smooth. The number of sessions and time required for treatment will vary based on the treatment area, type of hair, and skin type. Dr. Seify provides laser hair removal in a true med spa operated under his supervision and medical expertise. 

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Hair growth is a frustrating factor that affects everybody. Shaving, tweezing, waxing… you are probably well aware that it will always be an issue that you have to put up with no matter what you do. At least, this used to be the case. Advancements in cosmetic technology have pushed the boundaries in hair removal, allowing for the possibility for hair to be gone – for good. Laser hair removal is a highly successful and reputable means for hair removal. In several sessions, the cosmetic concerns over your hair can be a thing of the past, and you will not have to worry about treating it with time-consuming conventional methods. 

Offered at Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates, laser hair removal with the CoolGlide system is a versatile treatment that can treat a broad range of skin types and can be performed nearly anywhere on the body. 

At the Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates office, Dr. Hisham Seify offers plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Southern California, including Irvine, Tustin, Santa Ana, Mission Viejo and Newport Beach, California. Contact the Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates office at 949-431-2086 or visit our contact page to schedule your FREE laser hair removal consultation!

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