Laser Hair Removal

The CoolGlide system  is considered by industry experts to be the gold standard especially for darker skin types. The “cool” treatment tip assures that patients will be comfortable without damaging the skin’s pigment. Dr. Seify is proud to offer the CoolGlide system in Newport Beach and surrounding areas to serve the needs of all skin types including tanned skin. Dr. Seify’s experienced medical aestheticians conduct an individualized consultation including a professional skin assessment. After the skin analysis, patients are given a recommendation for the most effective regimen to eliminate unwanted hair. For most patients 4-8 sessions will be necessary to achieve the most dramatic elimination of unwanted hair. The number of sessions and time required for treatment will vary based on the treatment area, type of hair, and skin type. Dr. Seify provides laser hair removal in a true med spa operated under his supervision and medical expertise.

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