Your Liposuction Consultation

Your Liposuction Consultation | Newport Beach Plastic Surgery | OrangeA detailed consultation will be the first step towards a successful liposuction cosmetic surgery procedure. As part of the consultation process, the surgeon will educate the patient about all aspects of liposuction, including its potential risks and costs involved, and provide instructions about pre- and post-surgical care.

The choice of a surgical venue and the type of anesthesia to be used may also be discussed during the consultation.

The surgeon will carefully assess the patient’s candidacy for liposuction surgery, and keep the patient’s health and safety as the paramount consideration. The patient should be prepared to play an active role in the consultation and communicate openly with the surgeon about their personal cosmetic goals and needs.

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Safety and Health Aspects

One of the first things during the liposuction consultation will be to evaluate the patient’s general health condition and review their past medical records. The surgeon will ask questions about any specific lifestyle habits of the patient, such as smoking. A smoker will be required to quit the habit at least for a specified time period before the liposuction plastic surgery can be performed.

The patient should be prepared to share information about any prescription, non-prescription or recreational drugs as well as any herbal supplements or vitamins that they may be taking. The surgeon will need all relevant information to make any adjustments in the patient’s medication schedules for their own safety during the surgery and recovery.


Goals and Expectations

During the consultation, the patient should feel free to share their innate cosmetic needs and goals with regard to body contouring and fat reduction. The surgeon will carefully assess the patient’s goals and unique requirements in order to create a customized liposuction surgery plan. The surgeon may also present liposuction before and after images to help the patient form realistic expectations.

Some patients may like to bring pictures from magazines or websites to explain to the surgeon what kind of body profile they are seeking. The patient should clearly spell out their cosmetic concerns and identify the unwanted bulges to ensure that the surgeon incorporates their specific needs into the custom liposuction plan. Stellar and sagacious cosmetic surgeon Dr. Seify receives patients from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and other parts of this state across the horizon for liposuction.


List of Questions

Patients will often have various concerns and questions that they want to ask during the liposuction consultation. They should preferably note down these questions in advance and carry the list to the surgeon’s office for the initial consultation. This will ensure that all their concerns are appropriately addressed right at the start so that they can make a well-considered decision.

During the consultation, the patient may also request for testimonials of previous patients to learn about their liposuction experience with the surgeon. Some patients may also want to engage with one of the staff members to learn more about the surgeon’s practice and take a brief office tour.

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