Liposuction| The Truth About What to Expect

liposuctionMore people than ever before are considering liposuction as it continues to be one of the most widely advertised procedures. Consumers have heard every promise from the melting away of fat, to lose three dress sizes over a  lunch hour. It can be very confusing and hard for consumers to know what is real and what is hype.

Liposuction-What It Is-What It Is Not

Dr. Seify explains to patients who are considering liposuction that first and foremost, it is not a weight loss procedure.This means patients should not consider liposuction as way to lose weight. Liposuction was designed to contour the body in ways that traditional weight loss could not achieve. Liposuction is a take away procedure that uses a sculpting technique to create better body contour. In the hands of Dr. Seify,  liposuction is never approached as a means to “suck out fat”. Liposuction, when it is performed at its best, is an artistic sculpting procedure that systematically removes fat in specific areas to achieve a better aesthetic appearance.

Liposuction at Newport Plastic Surgery

Most any area can be improved with liposuction including outer thighs, abdomen, neck, knees, and even ankles. The more delicate areas like the arms and inner thighs require a high level of expertise to achieve the desired results. Dr Seify welcomes patients who desire to improve these delicate areas. After liposuction, during early healing stages, patients can expect the area to feel very firm, numb ,and tingly to the touch. They are likely to feel a lumpy bumpy consistency to the tissue underneath. The skin is very adherent and the area will look smaller even with swelling. Patient should expect swelling to last up to three months, intermittently, depending on the area. Dr. Seify will recommend a compression garment following the procedure and instruct the patient how long they should wear it. The compression garment is necessary in helping to re-drape the skin after the fat has been removed. Patients can expect a lifelong result provided they are committed to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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