Making a Wise Investment Following Weight Loss

There are few people who would dispute that losing a large amount of weight takes a great deal of commitment and tenacity. Unfortunately, for many people losing weight can become a back-and-forth situation. A significant majority of people who are able to lose weight ultimately regain the weight they lost and usually additional weight as well. There are many reasons that people fail to keep weight off after a successful change in their diet and exercise routine. More often than not the person has slowly reverted back to old behaviors and choices. Dr. Seify advises patients who are considering body contouring procedures after massive weight loss to make the choice to invest in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures before the patient has an opportunity to regain the weight. It is important especially for massive weight loss surgery patients to be at a stable weight before investing in cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Seify consults with the patient to determine that the patient is healthy and ready for surgery. Typically for most patients, the best value for cosmetic surgery following massive weight loss is the body lift. The body lift allows Dr. Seify to surgically remove excess skin in the lower abdomen all the way around to the lower back. It also allows a lift for the upper buttock area as well as hips and upper thighs. It’s easy to see why this procedure is the best value simply because it addresses the most areas in one procedure. Other popular procedures for post massive weight loss surgery include brachioplasty, or an arm lift, thighplasty, or a thigh lift and also breast lift. It is important for patients to understand that although it may sound easier to have as many procedures performed as possible in one setting, the reality is that most patients have a difficult time if too many procedures are performed simultaneously. Dr. Seify meets with each patient individually and develops a customized treatment plan that will work best for the patient in light of their expectations and also their health. Dr. Seify encourages patients who are considering body contouring procedures following massive weight loss to contact his office and schedule a consultation.

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