Maxilofacial Surgery

Maxilofacial Surgery – Newport Beach | Orange County

Accidents happen. When patients have accidents that affect the bones of their face, it presents a particularly unique psychological impact; mostly because it involves the face.  It is indisputable that the face is the first thing most people see when looking at another person.  No one expects to have a broken facial bone; however, Dr. Seify explains to patients that not all facial fractures will require a repair.  In general, if the fracture does not negatively affect the facial symmetry or function then surgery is not necessary.

In general if a facial fracture is suspected patient should Ice the area in 20 min. cycles throughout the day while they are awake. It is important to keep the head elevated even while sleeping to reduce swelling.  If a broken nose is suspected Dr. Seify encourages patients to call and an schedule appointment within one to two days. If there are multiple fractures expected patient should go to the emergency room making sure to get a CT of the maxillofacial area.  A CT scan will provide Dr. Seify a three-dimensional picture of the fracture which will help him to assess his surgery is required.  Both orbital and nasal fractures can be treated by Dr. Seify if plastic surgery is an option.  Dr. Seify accepts most insurance plans and provided the surgery is deemed medically necessary, coverage should be offered by most insurance plans.

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