Meatless Mondays Catching On

In Southern California where at svelte and toned body is the culture set by the region, what people eat have the whole world watching. Los Angeles has signed on for what is a national campaign called meatless Mondays. According to recent women’s magazine the national campaign encourages people to start their week by omitting meat from their diet. The proper campaign actually started in 2003. It was created by the John Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public health and was created with the desire to improve participant health as well as save the planet. Los Angeles is the largest city to join the movement so far and announced that all Mondays in the city would be meat free. The article cites them important point about eating meat for those who are still on the fence. According to the article there are major health benefits when meat is eliminated from the diet. It can reduce the chances of heart disease which is the leading cause of death among women, and many cancers are associated with eating meat as well. According to the article in order to get the most health promoting benefits exchanging meet for fruits vegetables and whole grains is the best way to benefit from eliminating meat from our diet. Plant-based foods are rich in disease fighting nutrients, fiber that fills the belly, then were off illnesses as well as reduce the appetite, all of which help to maintain a healthy weight. If you choose to skip eating meat even once a week you can also lower your carbon footprint. This means that you are saving the planet too. Eliminating meat especially if it is exchanged with healthy fruits and vegetables is likely in most cases to reduce the chance of weight gain. Many patients tell Dr. Seify that as they age even with a healthy diet they are experiencing unsightly fat and bulges with little to no increase in their weight. The fat appears to be stuck on in areas like the upper back, love handles, and outer thighs. Dr. Seify explains that liposuction is an excellent solution for patients who have been unable to change their body contour through diet and consistent exercise. Dr. Seify uses his surgical skill and talent to help sculpt and shape the body so that bulges and fat deposits are no longer visible. Patients were considering body contouring procedures are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.

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