Menopause and Women’s Health

menopauseMenopause is a part of  aging.The negative symptoms associated with menopause can range from very mild to severe. According to a recent onlinearticle few women seek treatment for the negative symptoms they are experiencing. According to the article women going through menopause now have a unique interactive guide designed to assist them in understanding better their wide range of treatment options, including evaluating if hormone therapy may be a viable option for them. The Endocrine Society and its Hormone Health Network today released the “Menopause Map,” an online tool to assist women and their doctors in a discussion that should include which hormonal and non-hormonal treatment options would be most effective and the safest to relieve the( in some cases) debilitating symptoms of menopause.

Menopause Treatments Are Available

A new associated survey found that most of the women who experience challenging symptoms are worried about hormone treatment and are not having any conversations about it , or other non-hormonal options, with their doctor. The Map was created by Endocrine Society physician experts who specialize in menopause management. Women’s health issues are front and center when it comes to managing lifestyle and making sound choices.

Menopause and Body Contour Changes

  Menopause  causes many hormonal changes. Dr. Seify explains to patientsthat hormonal shifts in weight can occur with the onset of menopause. Many patients become discouraged when they realize that diet and exercise has not been effective for certain areas of their body. Some patients complain that their body contour has changed and that they have certain areas of fat that have a “stuck on” appearance. The most common areas patients are dissatisfied with include the upper abdomen, outer thighs, upper back      (above the bra line), and lower back. In many cases Dr. Seify will recommend liposuctionto treat these areas. Dr. Seify uses both artistic talent and  his expertise as skilled surgeon to contour the body by removing fat from targeted areas. Patients who have loose and lax skin on the abdomen may need an abdominoplastyto achieve the most aesthetically pleasing result. There are many options for women to maintain their best appearance at every age and stage of life.    

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