Minimal Scar Removal of Tumors & Lesion

Minimal Scar Removal of Tumors & Lesion

Minimal Scar Excision of Tumors & Lesion - Newport Beach | Orange CountyDispleasing scars, moles, birthmarks, and cystcan be disconcerting and harmful to a person self-image.  First are also known to be a potential source of infection. Skin cancers are likely to grow, invade adjoining tissues, and could even lead to death.  Surgery can treat these conditions in most instances.  When patients are ready to treat these conditions, it is important for them to remember that every time an incision or injury penetrates the layers of skin, some scarring will result; this is the body’s way of healing.  Patients should understand when discussing the excision of a cyst, skin lesion, repair of an accidental laceration, or scar revision that there will be scarring.

Replace an Unsightly Scar

Dr. Seify’s goal is to replace an unsightly scar with a better, less obvious scar or to create new incisions with expertise so as the final scar will be aesthetically desirable.  The final appearance of a scar is dependent upon multiple factors including the patient’s own ability to heal, age, skin type, type of injury and more.  The other skin conditions Dr. Seify commonly treats include moles, tumors(both benign and cancerous) cyst, birthmarks, and vascular lesions.  The stages of treatment vary greatly depending upon the treatment Dr. Seify recommends.  It could include cautery,excision, dermabrasion or injectable fillers. If large areas of skin are removed it could require additional reconstructive surgery.  Much of the healing plan and recommendation will be based upon the size, and  location, of the skin condition and  patients skin type.

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