Moms – Rising Trend in Plastic Surgery Clientele

derma filler botox crows feetBack then plastic surgery clientele was mostly of the rich and famous, but plastic surgery procedures have become more accessible for people with normal, not-as-glamorous lifestyles. For new mommies, giving birth to a new life can be a beautiful thing, but it is inevitable that pregnancy changes the body – often with undesirable results.  According to a plastic surgeon in Andrew Walker’s article for The Baltimore Sun, “Lifestyle changes, including fashions that are less forgiving and active mothers who are more aware of their appearance, have driven the growth to such procedures over the past decade.” Most of the mommy makeovers consisted of breast augmentation, tummy tucks and liposuction. The article continues with statistics that “breast augmentations have increased 35 percent in the past decade, breast lifts by 69 percent and tummy tucks by 70 percent, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.”

Cosmetic Procedures For Mommies

While some women have more skin elasticity than others, most are not as lucky to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy bodies like the Hollywood stars. Breasts and abdominal areas sag after giving birth which diet and exercise cannot rectify. For those who had the mommy makeovers, some said “their clothes fit better and they no longer obsess over flaws. They said it was something they wanted for themselves and nothing their husbands, or anyone else, encourage.” But these mommy makeovers are about realistic results and some “cosmetic surgeons have said they wouldn’t take patients who have unrealistic expectations or have health problems that might make surgery dangerous.” Some moms even hold out to have the procedures until the kids have grown older and are more financially secure when recovery time and the costs come into consideration.

Thinking About Doing a Procedure After a Kid or Two…or More with Dr. Seify?plastic surgery newport beach

The above procedures mentioned are procedures Dr. Seify specializes in. He can take your concerns into consideration and give you that “mommy makeover” you have always wanted. Sagging breasts after done breastfeeding? He can help with a breast augmentation or breast lift. Overstretched skin around the abdominal area? He is an expert with tummy tuck procedures that results in a smoother, flatter abdomen. Dr. Seify can consult with you to let you know what goes on in the procedure and what to expect post-surgery (i.e. recovery time and what activities are restricted). If you are considering giving yourself a “mommy makeover,” call to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Seify.

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