New Approach to Breast Cancer Treatment

New cancer drugs continue to be on the forefront for the treatment of breast cancer. According to a recent article the newest drug consists of molecular generation designed to destroy malignant breast tumors in a targeted manner. They block characteristic molecules on the tumor cells-receptors for hormones estrogen or progesterone, or a co-receptor, known as HER2 that connects to many growth factors. However, roughly 1 in every six breast tumors does not have any of these receptors. These cancers are known as triple negative and are extremely aggressive and very difficult to treat. A few of these therapy- resistant cancers have a potential molecular target for cancer drugs, EGFR which is a growth factor receptor. EGFR blocking drugs have been ineffective in treating these types of cancers. In a study published recently in the proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Weitzman Institute researchers surmised there could be a potential solution. The goal would be to simultaneously treat triple negative breast cancer with to EGFR blocking antibodies instead of just one. In the study using mice scientist proved that specific combinations of two antibodies did prevent the growth and spread of triple negative tumors. The research team, led by Prof. Yosef Yarden of the Biological Regulation Department and Prof. Michael Sela of the Immunology Department, included Drs. Daniela Ferraro, Nade`ge Gaborit, Ruth Maron, Hadas Cohen-Dvashi, Ziv Porat, Fresia Pareja, and Sara Lavi, Dr. Moshit Lindzen and Nir Ben-Chetrit. Hopefully, this approach will be supported in further studies as soon be available as a combination chemotherapy for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer. Dr. Seify treats patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer and choose breast reconstruction following the treatment. Patients with a diagnosis of breast cancer are entitled by law to have breast reconstruction covered under their insurance. This includes all breast cancer diagnosis regardless of the type of surgical treatment chosen. Dr. Seify is involved in several clinical trials designed to be on the forefront of new technology and methods for breast cancer reconstruction. These methods include stem cell treatment options as well as fat transfer. Patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are considering breast reconstruction are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify as early as possible so that they may be able to take advantage of as many breast reconstruction options as possible.

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