New Bra Promises to help 80% of Women

Finding the right bra can be a disheartening experience. According to a recent online article a new business venture claims to have a bra that will solve the problem for 80% of all women. Sue McDonald a businesswoman has joined forces with a plastic surgeon to develop and launch a new bra aimed at a ensuring the perfect fit. The bra is called  Optifit and has no underwire. The back of the bra sits lower than a traditional bra and the creator promises that it will promote better posture and create a slimmer profile by minimizing the bulges that are caused by bras that are too tight and ride up on the woman’s back. Conventional measurements for a bra take only two measurements into consideration the back and cup size. Optifit is based on three different measurements frame, the depth, and the volume. Fitting can be adjusted for asymmetry. For the perfect fit women need to measure themselves with Optifit’s patented Opti-color-coded measuring tape. A woman with a conventional 32 DD size would be a red, small, four using the Optifit measuring system. Customers pay for the tape but the money is refunded when they buy their first brought. The creator says the conventional bras compressed and distort the body which she claims can cause bad back and problem with digestion. While it is true that a great bra matters a lot, Dr. Seify cautions patients who are considering breast augmentation against using bra size to determine what size they should be after breast augmentation. Breast augmentation using breast implants will take into consideration many different factors when determining size. This includes whether or not a woman has a breast lift combined with her breast augmentation. It can be very tempting for women to believe that they should be a certain bra size when the reality is that every bra is different and uses different types of measuring systems. Dr. Seify helps women to choose the best size for them by taking  into consideration not only their measurements and what is most feasible but also their lifestyle and what will make the most comfortable. When choosing breast augmentation it is imperative that patients remember sizing is a personal decision and in the end is left solely up to the patient. Patients who are considering breast augmentation are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.

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