One Stage Breast Reconstruction| Is it Right for You?

After the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer women are forced to make decisions concerning not only their treatment but also whether or not they will consider breast reconstruction. Traditional breast reconstruction requires many stages using tissue expanders to allow for the stretching of the skin before implanting a breast implant. One stage breast reconstruction has proven to be a viable option for some patients. According to one report using what is known as human acellular dermal tissue matrix has been reported as extremely effective in helping to provide coverage and durability over breast implants as well as improving the overall shape of the reconstructed breast. In the study saline implants were used in conjunction with human acellular dermal tissue matrix in an immediate one stage surgical procedure. Both complications as well as appearance were evaluated for all breast reconstructions in the study. 23 patients were included in the study. 11 patients had unilateral reconstruction and 12 patients had bilateral reconstruction totaling 35 reconstructions. All of the patients had immediate reconstruction following skin sparing mastectomy. The study found that by adding human acellular dermal tissue matrix in conjunction with breast implants especially in the one stage breast reconstruction procedure had measurable proof of success. The complication rates were extremely low and the need for tissue expanders and the risk associated with them were eliminated with one stage breast reconstruction. Dr. Seify will discuss with each patient if they are a candidate for one stage immediate breast reconstruction. There are many variables that will need to be assessed and patients should remain open to other forms of breast reconstruction if immediate breast reconstruction is not an option. Dr. Seify‚Äôs goal is to provide the best overall results for the patient in the safest way possible. Patients are treated with the utmost compassion and care throughout their entire breast reconstructive experience. Dr. Seify’s knowledgeable staff helps patients to navigate the entire process from the very beginning. Patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer and are considering their breast reconstruction options are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.

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