Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

plastic surgeryPlastic surgery after weight loss is the desire of many patients who have lost a significant amount of weight following either weight loss surgery or a long-term nutrition plan. Most of these patients had never considered plastic surgery prior to the weight-loss and are unfamiliar with what is important when making the decision to have plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Procedures

Many patients are most unhappy with the loose and lax skin on their abdomen. Most are aware of the common term tummy tuck for the abdominoplasty procedure that removes loose and lax skin. This prompts patients to begin looking for a cosmetic tummy tuck. The Internet is full of doctors offering cosmetic tummy tucks or abdominoplasty for patients who have previously had children, or lost a significant amount of weight.

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss at Newport Plastic Surgery

Patients who have lost a significant amount of weight should be sensitive to the fact that the source of their weight loss should be an important consideration when choosing a plastic surgeon. Dr. Seify explains to this population of patients that they should consider their abdominoplasty a more complex procedure because of the expertise required to create excellent results. As a reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Seify approaches a post massive weight loss abdominoplasty with consideration for not only the loose and lax skin(also known as an abdominal apron) but also with the surgical expertise necessary to reduce the amount of redundant skin that is more common in post massive weight loss patients thanĀ  normal weight patients who are postpartum. Dr. Seify is also careful to advise patients when the right time would be to have their plastic surgery. Rushing to have plastic surgery while patients are still losing weight and have not reached their stable weight is not ideal for the patient. The best and longest lasting results are likely for patients who are at a stable weight for at least three months. Other popular procedures for post massive weight loss patients include thigh lift, and brachioplasty(arm lift). While these procedures are typically not all combined in one surgery, Dr. Seify is careful to explain to patients which procedures should be a priority and which procedures can be combined. Safety and results are equally important in ensuring the best patient experience.

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