Plastic Surgery and “Jet Set Travel “Not A Good Combo

Plastic surgery combined with adventure? It appears as though, rich and famous socialites and celebs head to distant shores for plastic surgery for many reasons. An onlineindustryarticle reported from Huffington, February 28, 2012, that new companies have pushed the luxury bar and “jet set surgery” is a growing trend. “Jet set” not only implies away from home it also means a destination that is gorgeous, with perks like a personal escort and the promise of  an exotic vacation. People also travel abroad for plastic surgery, points out the Huffington Post, to have procedures that may not be FDA-approved in the United States. For example, different breast implants sizes and materials may not be available in the US for safety reasons.

Plastic Surgery and the Vacation Option

Plastic surgery and a vacation rolled into one has many challenges. Clinics abroad usually provide a lower price and the illusion of privacy but a plastic surgery/vacation has built-in red flags that could apply. Following surgery, you should be instructed to avoid the sun and physical activity, which are main vacation ingredients. Some American plastic surgeons are working to educate consumers concerning the dangerous pitfalls of these travel surgery options.

Plastic Surgery Options Should be Considered Carefully

Plastic surgery is a serious decision. Dr. Seify understands the allure of travel and plastic surgery together. Most websites and advertisements portray  an experience that is nothing short of exhilarating and exciting. It is important for plastic surgery patients to remember first and foremost they are patients not customers.Plastic  Surgery is serious and in every case includes the risk of complications. Patient should consider the possibility of aftercare and how that would be orchestrated in the worst-case scenario. With a thriving and beautiful plastic surgery practice in Newport Beach out-of-town patients are rather common for Dr. Seify. The distinct difference is that the patients are being care for by Dr.Seify , who is ASPS board-certified ,and the standard of care meets and exceeds US guidelines. This includes hospital privileges, as well as the accreditation of his surgery center. Patients who have had complications due to surgery that was performed outside of the US are often discouraged when they realize the extent of revisionary procedures that could be needed. As a plastic surgeon that specializes in surgical revisions including breast revision, and surgical revisions for procedures including abdominoplasty, facelift, and blepharoplasty, Dr Seify is keenly aware of the devastation patients feel when they realize that their vacation plastic surgery has resulted in an experience that does not resemble a vacation at all. Vacations and plastic surgery should not go hand-in-hand . We suggest the plastic surgery first so that you can enjoy a better vacation later.

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