Plastic Surgery | Do Men Age More Gracefully Than Women?

plastic surgeryPlastic surgery for men has seen an increase over the last few years even with troubled economic times. Some attribute the plastic surgery increase to a tighter job market where men now feel the pressure to look younger and be more competitive in the job market. At one time there was a widely held belief that men seem to age more gracefully than women. This was highlighted most notably in television and popular movies. The leading man was allowed to have graying hair and “character lines” on his face yet the women were usually fresh faced without lines or wrinkles. Plastic surgery for men seemed to be extreme and vain. The tides have definitely turned. Dr. Seify consults with men who are unhappy with their appearance and are considering plastic surgery as a solution to better enhance their appearance.

Plastic Surgery for Men

The most popular plastic surgery procedures for men include both minimally invasive as well as surgical plastic surgery procedures. Some men are concerned about their facial appearance as it begins to show signs of aging. For a man with a strong brow line and excessive loose and lax skin on his eyelids, a brow lift combined with a blepharoplasty can make a considerable difference in his appearance. For many men these two procedures alone can take 5 to 7 years off of their appearance. For other men who have more loose and lax skin throughout the facial area a facelift may be a better recommendation. Dr. Seify helps men to feel at ease with his recommendation by assuring them that his goal is to maintain a natural appearance while maintaining the masculinity and overall shape of the face.

Plastic Surgery Results Can Vary Greatly

While there are some very disturbing bad examples of male celebrities who have had facial plastic surgery, Dr. Seify reminds men that the good examples are the ones you do not notice. Botox and dermal filler injectables are also excellent adjuncts to plastic surgery procedures that allow men to maintain their most youthful appearance. Dr. Seify also recommends that men consider abdominal liposuction to achieve a more youthful and toned abdomen. Dr. Seify encourages men who are concerned about the effects of aging on their appearance to schedule a consultation to determine which plastic surgery procedures are best for them.

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