Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach – Why Travel Here ?

plastic surgeryPlastic surgery has become a global experience thanks to the Internet. Airfares are well within the reach of most people and getting from place to place (especially domestically) is easier than ever before. Newport Beach has a reputation for beautiful beaches, luxurious accommodations, and of course plastic surgery. Dr. Seify host many patients who travel to Newport Beach from other destinations both domestically and internationally. Newport Beach is an excellent location for plastic surgery patients for many reasons. As a tourist destination the beauty of the scenery, abundance of activities, and wide range of lodging accommodations make Dr. Seify’s Newport Beach location hard to beat for patients who are considering plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach

But, location is only one part of the decision when deciding to travel for plastic surgery. Dr. Seify encourages patients who are considering plastic surgery and traveling from out of town to prepare as much information prior to the initial consultation as possible. For most patients considering procedures like breast augmentation or liposuction Dr. Seify will request photos prior to the patient consultation to use as a guideline in helping the patient determine what they can expect.

Plastic Surgery Preparation for Out of Town Patients

A preliminary health history will be conducted and if the patient falls within the guidelines for outside medical clearance it is recommended that the patient has the medical clearance performed prior to coming into town for their initial consultation. The amount of time Dr. Seify will require the patient stay in the Newport Beach area will vary based on the procedure, patient health, and other factors. It is important that patients have a caregiver with them on the trip at least for the first 24 to 48 hours. Patients will be required to have their initial consultation, and a separate preoperative appointment, prior to surgery. Patients are encouraged to view Dr. Seify’s before-and-after photo gallery and are given a thorough overview which will include what they can expect from the surgery, recommendations for accommodations, and if necessary referrals for caregivers that can assist following surgery. Dr. Seify’s out-of-town patients are thrilled with not only the results of their procedure but the entire plastic surgery experience. Patients are encouraged to contact the office if they are considering plastic surgery in Newport Beach.


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