Plastic Surgery – Too Good to Be True Pitfalls

Plastic SurgeryPlastic surgery in this day and age has an abundance of research available for patients who are considering plastic surgery; so, it’s hard to believe we’re still discussing the importance of choosing ASPS board-certified plastic surgeons. According to a recent online posting on the Business Insider  new numbers from the International Master Course on Aging Skin, IMCAS the worldwide cosmetic plastic surgery industry grew 10.1 percent  between   2010 to 2011 from $4.1 to $ 4.9 billion. Experts assume this exodus to plastic surgery to appreciate another 11.2 percent . This progression is specifically noticeable at a time when a  shift in health care spending declined at a near off the record rate as Americans persist to wrestle with unemployment, higher insurance bills, and absence of disposable income.

Plastic Surgery the Deal of The Day

Plastic surgery can only be performed by experienced doctors, Right? So, what exactly does it require for an ER doc to magnify his business to incorporate plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, or for a gynecologist to deal out the plastic suregery procedure, breast augmentation to patients? If you guessed years of classes’ preparation and certifications you’d be erroneous. Despite the complexities and complications parallel with these plastic surgery procedures it is shockingly affable to break into the marketplace. Today there are very few rules. This has led to a lot of doctors offering plastic surgery services they simply aren’t competent to accomplish. Inexperienced doctors are only part of the problem, it has become customary behavior in our society to consider cosmetic plastic surgery in a dangerously frivolous manner. When liposuction is offered on a daily deals site alongside a haircut and a manicure it’s easy to consider why so many take plastic surgery too casually. These misconceptions can further the gamble of serious complications. Plastic surgery has taken a whipping in the media in recent months from the European breast implant scandal to the scary number of plastic surgery gone bad stories. You don‘t have to look too hard to see a connection between untrained professionals performing cosmetic surgery to the number of botched procedures. Surveys reveal that reputable plastic surgeons across the United States are seeing an increase in redo’s for unsatisfied patients.

Plastic Surgery Revisions Go Up When Quality Goes Down

Plastic surgery revisions initially are a unpleasant experience. Dr Seify consults with patients who may be a bit embarrassed initially because of their dissatisfaction with their plastic surgery from a previous surgeon. Dr. Seify helps his patients understand that there is no need to be embarrassed. Often patients are misinformed and believed that their surgeon had the necessary plastic surgery experience and plastic surgerytraining for the procedure they were considering. Dr. Seify is uniquely qualified and has the experience to perform plastic surgery revision procedures for patients who have encountered surgical aesthetic complications from their plastic surgery procedure. Most commonly Dr. Seify performs revision procedures for breast augmentation and blepharoplasty. Patient should understand that while all secondary surgeries have slightly increased risk, it is imperative that patients keep an open mind when consulting with Dr. Seify for revision plastic surgery procedures. Plastic surgery revisions can be complicated and should only be pursued when there is a mutual understanding between Dr. Seify and the patient and realistic expectations have been set and agreed upon.



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