Who Has Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery can become the topic of conversation rather quickly at a party or any other social gathering. Interestingly some will pipe up and admit to plastic surgery procedures they have had performed while others sit quietly. Others will chime in with third-party stories as if they have no personal knowledge whatsoever. The conversation will quickly shift to the “type “of person who would have plastic surgery. Most commonly it is thought of as a person who is vain and celebrity conscious. Perhaps it is someone who is desperately trying to hold on to her youth. In many cases the conversation will soon shift to what are considered to be plastic surgery disasters. Of course, this type conversation can be lively and go on for hours. The truth of the matter is; while there are some truths to a profile of the type of person who would consider plastic surgery the reality is the person who would consider plastic surgery is just like everybody else.

Get a Plastic Surgery Consultation

Dr. Seify consults with a multitude of patients for varied reasons as to why they are considering procedures such as breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, or facelift. It is not uncommon for patients to tell Dr. Seify that they never thought they would consider plastic surgery. Some patients share that they previously were adamantly against it. As an experienced American Society of Plastic Surgeons plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Seify has seen firsthand that situations can happen to patients that open up the possibility to plastic surgery much more readily. Reconstructive situations such as accidents and injuries or the diagnosis of breast cancer could create a situation where plastic surgery is the only way to restore not just an aesthetic appearance but also one that is functional. It is rather easy to pass judgment on what is considered acceptable as a reason for choosing plastic surgery versus what is considered over-the-top. Plastic surgery is, and always will be, a very personal decision. As the demand for elective plastic surgery has increased substantially over the past two decades more patients have chosen plastic surgery so therefore looking your most youthful and aesthetically pleasing has become the standard versus over-the-top. In Southern California, specifically Newport Beach plastic surgery has quickly created an added perk as a tourist destination. Patient should not fret over the type of person they would be if they chose plastic surgery. The decision should be made solely for personal reasons and should include the special advice and advisement of a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Seify. Patients who are considering plastic surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.

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