Preparing for Injectable Non- Invasive Procedure

In this day and age many cosmetic procedures have become passé. Unfortunately, it is easy for patients to forget that every cosmetic procedure that is performed in a plastic surgeons practice should be taken seriously. Just because procedures are popular and advertised as “simple” and noninvasive it does not mean that patients do not need to prepare for their treatment. For example, patients who are scheduled for medical grade skin care services performed by Dr. Seify’s aesthetician on-site should prepare for their service. They should not apply drying agents or other damaging chemicals to their face prior to their treatment. They should avoid sun exposure as not the risk being sun burned prior to their treatment. Patients who are scheduled for injectables including Botox, fillers such as Juvederm should not take supplements that will increase bleeding prior to their service for least seven days. These include vitamin E or omega-3 supplement medication. It is also not a advised for  patients to  drink wine prior to the injection services even though it seems like it would relax you and not interfere with your treatment. Aspirin and any aspirin containing products including ibuprofen and Naprosyn should not be taken prior to injectable services for least 14 days prior . These products can lead to increased bleeding, swelling and bruising. Supplements including bromelain and Arnica have proven effective in helping to reduce bruising and swelling after injectable services. They can be started as early as three days prior to services. Dr. Seify encourages patients to take the necessary steps prior to injectable services to reduce bruising. This will allow patients to have a socially acceptable appearance relatively quickly following injectable services. Patients who are considering skin care services or injectables are encouraged to contact the office and schedule an appointment for a consultation to see which procedures are best for them.

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