What are the best questions to ask your plastic surgeon before a breast reduction?

Breast Reduction Surgery

breast augmentation newport beach orange countyBefore finalizing a major cosmetic surgery procedure such as breast reduction, the candidate should acquire a clear understanding of what the surgery involves and what are its pros and cons. She should preferably have a list of questions ready in advance, which she can carry to the surgeon’s office for her consultation.

A dedicated surgeon will encourage the patient to ask questions and clear all her doubts and concerns before going ahead with breast reduction.

They will answer the questions in a patient-friendly language and satisfy her concerns in the best possible way. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify provides breast reduction surgery to patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and surrounding locations.

List of Questions

  • Do you have a board certification in plastic surgery?
  • How long have you trained and practiced in the field of plastic surgery?
  • Have you performed breast procedures in the past, and what is your success rate?
  • Would you perform breast reduction at a hospital, a surgical center or a private surgical suite?
  • Am I a good candidate for breast reduction?
  • Would you recommend breast reduction as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with breast lift in my case?
  • Which surgical technique would you use to perform my breast reduction?
  • Will I need to make any adjustments in lifestyle and current medications prior to the surgery?
  • How much time will it take for recovery after breast reduction, and is the recovery going to be painful?
  • Should I arrange for aftercare or a nurse for the first few days of recovery?
  • Will I be in a position to breastfeed in the future?
  • What are the potential risks and complications associated with this surgery?
  • How obvious will be the scars after breast reduction surgery?
  • Is there a provision for breast revision procedure if the outcome is not as per the goals we agreed upon?
  • Can I review breast reduction before and after images to have a more realistic understanding of the results?
  • Do you have a video showing the actual breast reduction procedure?
  • Can I speak to one of your staff members to have more familiarity with your office?
  • Is it possible for me to have a brief office tour?
  • Would you show me testimonials of previous who may have previously received plastic surgery procedures from you?

Dedicated cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify receives patients from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and nearby areas for breast reduction.

Additional Tips

The patient should feel free to ask questions related to the costs, insurance and financing aspects of breast reduction surgery. In a few cases, breast reduction costs may be partially covered by insurance if the condition is causing physical distress. The patient should clearly discuss this aspect with the surgeon, if she experiences any discomfort.

Breast reduction procedure is a personal journey for the patient. She should feel completely comfortable and reassured with the surgeon’s answers to all her questions before she goes ahead with the surgery.

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