Questions You Should Ask YOURSELF Before Plastic Surgery

The decision to have plastic surgery is a personal one. There are many list of questions circling the Internet and other sources task the plastic surgeon. There are also questions a patient should ask of themselves before considering plastic surgery. Here are just a few:

  1. Is my health good enough to have plastic surgery?

The health of the patient is one of the most critical parts of plastic surgery. Dr. Seify will require a in depth patient intake form that will ask specific medical history questions. Patients to omit important medical information when considering plastic surgery could face serious consequences down the road. Dr. Seify needs to be fully aware of any medical conditions or medications that may interfere with surgery. This includes previous surgeries including cosmetic surgeries. Once the surgery is being performed the plastic surgeon will be able to easily see if previous surgeries have been performed; however, not being aware puts the surgeon at a disadvantage

  1. What is the name of the procedure I am having performed?

This can be especially important for patients who believe they’re comparing procedures between different plastic surgeons. Dr. Seify is committed to patients having a full understanding of not only the procedures that are being performed but also why he is made the recommendation. It is important for patients to trust the recommendation as his based on what he is comfortable with in his hands. The recommendation is in no way intended to dispute another plastic surgeons recommendation.

3. What can I expect…? The good and the bad

Realistic expectations I wanted the most important aspects of cosmetic plastic surgery. Since the procedures are not performed as a chore or for healing the results are largely subjective. It is important for patients to separate the emotion from reality when framing their expectations of plastic surgery. Dr. Seify explains to patients that he is unable to make them look like someone else or literally reverse the aging process. Plastic surgery is even in the best of circumstances not an exact science. Patients can expect results that are likely but no one can guarantee a specific result. All surgeries have risks. Cosmetic plastic surgeries performed on patients who are healthy have very low risks of complications. But, there are risks and patients are given written information listing all of the known risk and complications of each surgery. The information is reviewed with each patient prior to surgery. Are you a you These are only a few of the questions patients should ask themselves prior to plastic surgery. The purpose of the initial consultation is for patients to feel comfortable asking questions and determining if there is a good fit with Dr. Seify and the patient. The plastic surgery experience should be a pleasant one and patients who proceed with cosmetic plastic surgery procedures with a positive attitude and trust the process are likely to be the most satisfied with the experience as well as the outcome. Patients who are considering cosmetic plastic surgery procedures including facelift, abdominoplasty, and breast augmentation are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office to see which cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are best for them.

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