Rhinoplasty Procedure Steps

Rhinoplasty Procedure Steps | Newport Plastic Surgery | Orange CountyRhinoplasty, popularly known as a nose job, can be performed using a few different surgical techniques. The surgeon will recommend the appropriate cosmetic surgery technique based on the patient’s anatomical and personal aesthetic requirements or to improve functional issues of breathing, or both. However, the main steps involved in the procedure will largely remain the same in each case.

The procedure steps will discussed with the patient during the initial consultation. This will allow the patient to be more confident about the surgery and relieve them of any pre-op anxiety. Dr. Hisham Seify is a board certified plastic surgeon providing rhinoplasty and other procedures to patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and other cities in this region of Southern California.



Pre-operative consultation is the first key step in the rhinoplasty procedure. The surgeon will use this opportunity to educate the patient about the procedure and clear their doubts and concerns about it. The surgeon will also determine the patient’s candidacy by assessing their overall health condition, nose and facial anatomy, and skin type and thickness in the nose area.

During the consultation, the surgeon may also review the patient’s past health records, and if necessary, may order a few imaging tests or lab tests. Rhinoplasty ‘before and after’ photos may be shown to the patient to help them develop reasonable expectations from the surgery.


Surgical Planning

Based on the information acquired during the consultation, the surgeon will create a customized nose surgery plan to meet the specific needs of the patient. The plan will be designed to ensure that the natural facial balance and harmony is not disrupted, and overall appearance of the face is enhanced with the nose procedure.

The surgeon’s goal will be to make the surgery less invasive and more effective with customization. The choice between open and closed rhinoplasty technique may be made at this point. The surgeon will also decide about the type of anesthesia, placement of incisions, and the choice of surgical venue in consultation with the patient.

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Surgical Procedure


Rhinoplasty may be performed using light general anesthesia or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. An anesthesiologist or a registered nurse anesthetist may remain present in the surgery room to monitor the patient’s response.



Depending on the extent of corrected needed to reshape the nose, the surgeon will choose open or closed rhinoplasty technique. Through external or internal incisions, the surgeon will remove, add or modify nasal tissue, cartilage and bone during the procedure. Implants or grafting may be used for some patients. Open rhinoplasty may leave a minor scar in the columella, but closed rhinoplasty will have no visible scarring.


Incision Closure

Once the surgery is completed, the surgeon will carefully close the incisions with removable or absorbable sutures. Temporary drain tubes and nasal packing may be placed, which will be removed in about a week along with sutures. Most patients will be able to return home the same day of the surgery.


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