Rhinoplasty Reasons According to A New Study May Surprise You

The reasons for choosing cosmetic plastic surgery are personal and varied. According to recent article a study Published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery discovered that rhinoplasty patients undergo multiple surgeries primarily because of their dissatisfaction with the appearance of asymmetry of the tip; according to the Los Angeles Times. Other aesthetic reasons that were noted for patients considering a revision rhinoplasty included in irregularity in the upper third of the nose or with the patient considered a crooked portion on the bridge according to the article. These results were gathered from a group of 104 patients, 83% of who were women, who had a minimum of one rhinoplasty and were committed to having additional treatment. Unfortunately, rhinoplasty revisions are common in plastic surgery. Approximate two thirds of the group also voiced concerns related to nasal airway blockage, which included snoring as well as mouth breathing, which they claim led them to opt for a second surgery. In 94% of the specific cases physicians found a nasal obstruction during the surgery. Dr. Seify explains to rhinoplasty patients whether they are revision patients or not that is critical they understand the limitations of the rhinoplasty procedure. Some rhinoplasty surgeries are complex and include variations including but not limited to septoplasty, or the addition of a nasal implant or tip revision. The plastic surgeons results are heavily dependent upon what the patient expresses as their desired outcome. It is imperative that patients are clear in their communication and understand Dr. Seify’s recommendations. Patients must also take into consideration that if their procedure is a revision rhinoplasty that each surgical procedure must be evaluated on its own and that the risk for complications are increased with any secondary surgery. Dr. Seify specializes in both cosmetic as well as reconstructive procedures and encourages patients to schedule a consultation to see if rhinoplasty is the right procedure for them.

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