Do You Need A Breast Makeover?

Have you given up on finding a bra that fits? Do you anguish over your breast implants that you had implanted back in the 90s? Maybe you have settled for the idea that your older now and having beautiful perky breast will make you look like you’re screaming “obvious implants ” to others. Believe it or not, a breast makeover is not just a great idea, it is an essential part of feeling good about the way you look and feel. Dr. Seify encourages patients during their breast augmentation consultation to embrace the idea of the type of shape and figure a patient would want if they had a magic wand and could create their hearts desire. While plastic surgery is not a magic wand and cannot produce magical results it can dramatically improve what cannot be improved through nature. The breast over time will sag as women age, loose breast volume, and fluctuate in weight. The overall aesthetic appearance of the breast is a manifestation of these inevitable conditions that will happen for every woman. A breast makeover or breast augmentation allows a woman to improve the shape of her breast surgically by using an implant to increase volume, firmness, and improve symmetry. For patients who have excessive sagging of the breast Dr. Seify can lift the breast with a breast lift and create a much more youthful appearance for patients. While it is agreed that a woman is not defined by the size or appearance of her breast, how she feels about her breast still remains a very important part of what contributes to a woman’s overall self-esteem and self-confidence. Choosing breast augmentation especially for older women can sometimes seem selfish and vain. As baby boomers take over the marketplace the choices they are making are increasingly becoming more and more based on aesthetics and the links to lifestyle and quality of life. This includes everything from dental implants instead of dentures, all the way up to breast augmentation instead of padded bras. Women are expected to live longer as life expectancy continues to increase. and they are increasingly becoming bolder about not accepting the aging of the body as an inevitable curse. Dr. Seify welcomes women who are considering breast augmentation at any age to contact his office and schedule a consultation.

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