Skin Cancer| Should You Be Concerned?

skin cancerSkin cancer is not  a pleasant subject for anyone. Southern California is well-known for the abundance of sunny and warm days. The sun is one of our great pleasures but it is also one of our great dangers. Overexposure to the sun is a well-known link to skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer and although  the cure rate is extremely high, if skin cancer is not detected early, and treated some forms of skin cancer  can be fatal.

Skin Cancer Risk are Higher in Sunny Places

Geographical areas that have high exposure to the sun have populations that are at greater risk for developing skin cancer. Patients are encouraged to wear sunscreen daily even when the marine layer is present and it appears as though the sun is not shining. Patients are discouraged from using tanning beds as the link to skin cancer has been proven for many years. Medical professionals urge patients to check for any discolorations in the skin including a change in moles. It is recommended that patients have moles removed that have changed in color, cause pain or discomfort, or are bleeding.

Skin Cancer Care at Newport Plastic Surgery

  Dr. Seify can remove moles that are suspicious, and many patients choose Dr. Seify as a reconstructive plastic surgeon to remove moles in an effort to reduce visible scarring. Many patients are surprised to learn that mole removal is typically very deep and will usually require stitches. Dr. Seify also treats patients who have been diagnosed with skin cancer. Often times after the removal of the cancerous area there could be areas that can benefit from skin grafting. As an ASPS board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Seify is experienced and qualified to help patients restore the most natural  appearance possible. Dr. Seify encourages patients who are diagnosed with skin cancer or desire mole removal to contact the office and schedule a plastic surgery consultation to discuss their surgical options.  

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